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Purpose Driven Life

Volunteering: Discover your best gifts by volunteering (Paul Shoemaker)

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volunteerWhat could you learn about yourself through giving to others and volunteering?  You may discover that there are parts of yourself that you didn’t know even existed before.  Paul Shoemaker will offer the top 5 things he got through his work at Social Venture Partners and giving back to others.
About our Guest:

Paul Shoemaker is Executive Director of Social Venture Partners Seattle (; a Seattle non-profit focused on children, education, and the environment in the fulfillment of two missions – helping non-profits build their organizational capacity and catalyzing individual, engaged philanthropy. He is also the Founding President of SVP International, a North American federation of SVP’s in 23 cities – And he is the Board Treasurer of Grantmakers For Effective Organizations (, a national network of foundations focused on effectiveness and capacity building. Prior to 1998, Mr. Shoemaker acted as the group manager for worldwide operations of the Microsoft Corporation, implementing Microsoft end user direct billing solutions as well as other business planning and development. At Microsoft he also developed a group of 22 direct marketing professionals and implemented a direct marketing infrastructure. During the 1980’s Mr. Shoemaker worked as a Product Manager at Nestle USA in Glendale, CA. During his career, Mr. Shoemaker has also served on the boards of the Children’s Alliance in Seattle, ’96-’00, and Treepeople in Los Angeles, ’87-’90. Paul Shoemaker holds an MBA in Marketing and Finance from the University of Texas and a BBA in Accounting from Iowa State University.

Show Highlights:

  • Does your job sometimes feel meaningless? What could add more meaning in your life? Ever think about giving back to others and working for a nonprofit? Check out what Paul has to say about his experience moving from his corporate job at Microsoft to now running an international nonprofit.
  • How do you begin the process of deciding where to channel your talents? Paul Shoemaker offers some practical and concrete strategies, tips, and resources to get you started.
  • Are you too busy, too tired, and have to much on your plate to give back? Executive Connector, Paul Shoemaker from Social Venture Partners (SVP) offers his insights on how working with a nonprofit gives back ten fold to yourself.


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