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Business & Life Skills

Learn how nice guys always finish first

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How can you lead a group when you don’t even know what some people on your team do? How can you turn a toxic work environment with low morale into a high functioning team? Learn how Hank Queen a former VP at Boeing managed a 17,000 person team to increased productivity, lower turn over, and higher job satisfaction.


CJ’s post show notes:

Man, I wish I had Hank as a boss.  Hank is one of the most modest, down-to-earth person you will ever meet.  His  retelling of how he ended up managing a small village at Boeing is full of humor. Hear how Hank Queen stumbled into these jobs and you’ll have a clear sense of why he was selected to lead others, his natural charm, warmth, and personable personality.  His management technique really boiled down to connecting with your employees as human beings.  In the radio program, you’ll hear the questions he asked periodically gauged if his employees were happy, and what he could do to help.  They are infinitely simple and were given to him by a work associate who coached Little League.