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Planet of the Crows- a land where Crows are the rulers

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crowCrows- You either love them or you hate them.  Are they beautiful messengers from the spirit world or just cranky teens? Perhaps, they are both.  These clever creatures have fascinated many for years.  Josh Klein  studied them for 10 years.  He even created a vending machine for crows that collects change and dispenses peanuts.  Josh offers a hilarious look at crows and their cantakerous ways and wonders how humans can make their peace with these animals that may outlive us all.

Show Highlights:

  • Part 1: Why on earth did Josh spend 10 years of his life on crows?  Josh shares an incredibly funny story of a mischievous prank that a crow played on him.
  • Part 2: The good, bad, and the ugly on crows.  If you were a bird, would you date a crow?
  • Part 3: A Native American take on crows.  The wisdom of crows as a totem animals with Dr. Stephen Farmer
  • Part 4: The orgins of Halloween. Is it just a hallow eve full of candy? Learn the sacred roots with Dr. Stephen Farmer.

About our Guest:

Josh has practiced and was trained, both formally and informally, in hacking – social systems, computer networks, institutions, consumer hardware, animal behavior, and, most recently, the publishing industry. When he’s not taking things apart or putting them back together again he speaks, writes, and consults on new and emerging technologies that improve people’s lives – and has tremendous fun doing it.

Most of Josh’s time is spent speaking to companies and at conferences such as World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Gadgetoff, TED, SICS, LA-IP, BIF, and Serious Play, and he has appeared on the Sundance Channel, Nova, and other programs. He also spends a significant amount of time consulting to companies large and small, such as Microsoft, Oracle, Frog Design, Nokia, Johns Hopkins, Bankinter, The United States Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and others.

But really what Josh does is this: he examines systems, he takes them apart, and he puts different pieces together to produce something new and more effective. He hacks. Everything.