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Astrology,Tarot & Numerology

2016 Presidential election predictions

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CJ interviews James Wanless, inventor of the Voyager Tarot deck and former political consultant, to get a 2016 Presidential election predictions.  Who will win the primary?  What should we expect if a candidate gets elected?  James makes his predictions and readings based on combining numerology and Tarot using his fabulous tarot cards.  Learn more about James here:  Also, check out Shamanic astrological readings by Daniel Giamario  and  Lisa Barretta.


Predictions: Who will win the 2016 Presidential Election?

  • 1:21 What is Hillary and Donald Trump’s Life Plan card?
  • 5:58 What do we need to know about Hillary and Donald that is hidden?
  • 16:10 What do we need to know about the nomination process?
  • 20:56 What do we need to know about skills Hillary and Donald skills if elected?
  • 25:38 Which candidate will be more capable working with Congress?
  • 33:20 How effective will Hillary or Donald be if elected?
  • 35:04 What do we need to know about how each candidate will address social and economic inequality and jobs?
  • 38:11 Who will win the election?

Democratic Primary- Predictions using Tarot

James peers into the psyche and soul of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders using Voyager Tarot.  Plus, who will win? What would it be like if the Democrats win?

0:46 Hillary Clinton -What does the Voyager say about her personality?
4:34 What should we expect if Hillary Clinton becomes president?
9:00 What are personality cards for Bernie Sanders?
13:10 What should we expect if Bernie becomes president?

20:42 Who will win the Democratic primary?
22:30 How will a Democratic candidate do?

Republican Primary- Predictions using Tarot

James peers into the psyche and soul of Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, and Carly Fioria using Voyager Tarot.  Plus, who will win the Republican Primary? What would it be like if the Republicans win?

0:52 Donald Trumps’ Life Cards. What do they say to his personality?
6:20 What should we expect if Donald Trump is president? Courage, Ecstasy, Sorry
9:38 The shocking personality cards of Jeb Bush?
11:11 What would happen if Jeb were president (Equilibrium, Player, Chariot)
14:17 What is the life card for Carly Fiorina?
16:17 What would happen if we had Carly as president? (Trust, Socerer, Logic)
19:31 Who is James favorite for the Republican Party?

Astrological Predictions on the Candidates


Click to your favorite parts:

0:11 Donald Trumps Horoscope with Mars in Leo/Leo Rising
(Heart of the Lion)
3:42 Hillary Clinton Venus in Scorpio and Scorpio Rising. Pisces Moon.
8:06 Bernie Sander Mars/Moon in Aries.
8:38 Life Cycles – Will the energies be with Donald, Hillary, and Bernie?

More videos/Resources:

16:13 Who will win the Republican primary?

19:47 How will any Republican candidate do?