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Dr. Will Tuttle’s journey towards becoming Vegan -Segment 2

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Show Summary

world peace

  • Segment 2: In the 70’s, Dr. Will Tuttle was broke,  disillusioned by materialism and consumerism, and looking for life’s answers.  He decided to take a spiritual pilgrimage to California where folks where people were able to achieve a higher level of consciousness.   Will shares his story about his spiritual journey that led him to being a Zen monk, and his current work.
  • Link to Segment 3: Why are Vegans so angry? Will shares how he’s been able to make peace with the meat-eating world around him by realizing that achieving peace is an inside job.  Will discusses how he has moved form a place of judging and blaming and how our societal norms about eating are at the heart of why we eat what we eat.

About our Guest

Will tuttleAs part of my mission to understand my culture more deeply, I studied and received an M.A. degree in Humanities at San Francisco State University, and then went on to the University of California, Berkeley, for my Ph.D. My doctoral dissertation at Berkeley focused on educating intuition and altruism in adults, and I subsequently taught a wide variety of college courses in philosophy, religion, mythology, humanities, music, literature, history, writing, and creativity. After this, I began traveling as a lecturer and concert pianist, and have now created eight CD albums of original piano music