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5 Tips from Moving from Procrastination to Creative Genius

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Do Something BigAre you suffering from procrastination? Got a gnarly project that you keep on putting on the back burner.  Or maybe a great business idea that you have been dragging your feet on.  Sam Bennett is a creativity coach and author of GET IT DONE: From Procrastination to Creative Genius in 15 Minutes a Day.  Get 5 simple tips to help you zero in on your goals/intentions, get focused, and get organized by getting a handle on their own particular — or even peculiar — creative process and harness their energies in positive, productive, and income-generating ideas.


Blog Post by Our Guest

Zone of Genius.
Being in Flow.
Work That Doesn’t Feel Like Work.

Creative people have a special talent for getting into the groove of a project and surfing the energy of it for hours and hours.

In this state of creative flow, there is no such thing as fear, procrastination, anxiety or self-doubt — there is only the joy of the work.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could make money from that same joyful place?

How much money would you like to be bringing in?

How much time would you like to spend each week on your art?

How many people do you think you could help if you were to create this life?

I know it’s possible, because I’ve done it.

And I’d like to help you do it.


Join The 94th Percentile

      Only 6% of entrepreneurs ever make it to six-figures. (I’m one of them.)


Less than 10% of actors ever earn more than $10,000/year acting. (I’m one of them.)

Selling over 200 copies of a book of poetry makes it a “best-seller.” (I’ve done well over that.)

Less than 2% of completed manuscripts ever get a publishing contract. (I’ve done that.)

Now, these statistics are debatable, but even so, if you read them the wrong way you might come to believe that I am some kind of superwoman.

Not so.

I succeeded at those things because I had an idea and didn’t stop working until I made that idea a reality.

I succeeded because I was undistractible.

I succeeded because I didn’t know what I was doing was impossible.

Luckily, impossible things happen every day.

The truth I see is this:

The Odds Have Nothing To Do With Your Probability of Success

Odds are important when it comes to things that involve mathematical certainty – not creative success.

Once you are actually getting your work out into the world, the idea of “odds” becomes completely immaterial.

Conventional wisdom matters when you are doing conventional things.

Creativity and entrepreneurship are, by definition, the opposite of conventional.

Logic applies to things that obey the rules of logic.

Art and love and creative success is anything but logical.

So get those negative voices OUT of your head.

You CAN succeed doing what you love.

You CAN make money doing what you love.

You CAN create a life that is perfect for you.

Reinventing the Wheel

The problem is that no one ever taught you how to take control of your creative power and use it to help people & make money.

Some of you may have even been taught that making art was “selfish” and a sure-fire way to become a “starving artist.” I say: HOOEY.

There is plenty of money and success and joy in the world for those who want to go get it.

And I think you might be one of those people.

What If I Gave You My System and We Customized It For You?

Check out:– SSB

About our Guest

samb-199x300Sam Bennett worked at the renowned Second City Theatre in Chicago alongside comics Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert. In addition to her multifaceted writing and performance work, she specializes in personal branding and career strategies. She lives in Los Angeles, CA. Her website is