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Communication Skills

Couples fighting over money: Causes and Cures

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moneyWhat is your money type ?  Are you a hoarder, binger, spender, or monk?  What are the subconscious factors that underlie our attitudes on money? How can you avoid hostile fights with your partner on money matters?  Psychotherapist and author of “Money Harmony”, Olivia Mellan,  explains the causes and cures of couples fighting over money.  CJ and Olivia discuss how to deal with divergent views you may have with your significant other on investments, philanthropy, banking arrangements etc.

Show Summary

  • Link to Segment 1 Money psychology: The first step to change is awareness.  Are you aware of your money type(s)? Olivia Mellan offers descriptions of the various money types and how these types relate to money myths about money = power, love, security.
  • Link to Segment 2:  Stop Money Arguments: Do you have disharmony with a work associate, or with a loved one?  What are 4 steps to remedy money disharmony?  Olivia Mellan, a money therapist, gives you a real-life example of the type of empathetic conversation you can have to resolve money disputes you are having with another person.

You Tube with our Guest

Great article written by our guest (Olivia Mellan): :

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 About our Guest

oliviaSince 1982, Olivia Mellan has been a groundbreaker in the field of money psychology, couples communication, stress management, and conflict resolution. Her monthly column, The Psychology of Advice appears in Investment Advisor, and she has appeared on Oprah, the Today Show, and ABC’s 20/20, and other nationwide media. She also speaks all over the country to businesses, professional groups, and to the general public.

Olivia gives keynotes, speeches, workshops, and seminars all over the country to businesses and professional organizations, womens groups, and the general public on topics such as:

  • Men, Women and Money
  • Achieving Money Harmony In Your Work and Your Life
  • Couples Communication Skills: Bridging the Gap
  • Helping Financial Professionals Build Better Client Relationships
  • Stress Management
  • Money Conflict Resolution
  • Money Psychology for Financial Planners
  • Couples and Money
  • Money Harmony for Women
  • Money Harmony in Turbulent Times
  • Talking to Your Parents About Their Money

Olivia also offers ongoing, individual consultation and supervision sessions with therapists, counselors, and financial professionals — in person and/or by phone.