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Alternative Healing

NLP: Neuro-linguistic programming (Richard Bandler)

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YouJoin CJ as she has a rare opportunity to hear the life and story of the founder of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).  Find out how it all began and discover how you could use simple NLP techniques to live a fuller live by removing your phobias, and unhelpful beliefs on everything from work, relationships, and more.

Video from our Guest

Show Highlights

  • Link to Segment 1:  Learn how the brain is like a big archival computer and how Richard figured out how to program the brain.  Richard explains how he took what others incorrectly described as “intuition” and figured out the algorithms needed to create effective quick behavioral change.  
  • Link to Segment 2: Think about how much time we inefficiently spend on mind management.  Mostly we run and rerun the same discursive ideas in our head.  Richard explains how to rewind and erase a bad memory.
  • Link to Segment 3:  Do we admit defeat to quickly and give up on those who need our help.  Richard describes how he questions everything and how his curiosity and search for the extraordinary has created break through results.
  • Link to Segment 4: Richard discusses the history of NLP and the fundamental differences between NLP and psychotherapy.

About our Guest

richardRichard Bandler is a contemporary psychologist and self-help author who works primarily in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Bandler was an associate of both Robert Spitzer and Milton Erickson. He is an expert in the field of self-help and is the co-founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming with John Grinder.  He was first introduced to John Grinder while a student at the University of California. Grinder, one of Bandler’s professors, collaborated with Bandler in the exploration of linguistics. This alliance led to the first of many books the two would publish, The Structure of Magic, Volume 1.

Bandler has published numerous books and articles. Bandler studied bodywork and examined the Feldenkrais Method in his book, The Elusive Obvious. He travels the world giving lectures on NLP and his other theories. He continues to train clinicians and individuals in the practice of NLP and other self-help techniques.

Contribution to Psychology

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a therapeutic, self-help technique that focuses on behavior and language. By enlightening people to healthy patterns of communication, therapists teaching NLP can show clients how to transform their behaviors in order to achieve a desired outcome. Although there is little scientific evidence supporting NLP’s effectiveness, therapists who practice NLP believe it is beneficial for relieving psychological symptoms related to several problems, including depression, cognitive impairments, anxiety, and phobias.

NLP strives to model highly effective behaviors and replicate them in clients, thus providing a form of autonomous self-help. NLP has been accepted as a viable method of change within business, alternative medicine, community settings, and within the self-help field in general, though it has not been scientifically validated with empirical studies. Regardless of the academic and professional support it lacks, NLP continues to be a widely used technique throughout the mental health field.