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Hope and how it relates to a happy life

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Self-help books abound with ideas on getting to meaning and happiness (e.g.- gratitude, meditation, yoga, etc).  Where is the proof that any of these things matter or make a difference?  Join Dr. Shane Lopez, a Gallup Senior Scientist, as he shares the results of 18 years of research and 100’s of studies on what research suggests are the key ingredients to living a happy life.

Show Summary

Segment 1: The 3 Key ingredients for achieving happiness.  What do most self-help books miss as one of the key components to build hope?

Segment 2: Personal Benefits of Hope:  What most people don’t  get about hope and why it matters.

Segment 3: The Hope Cycle:  How to build hope if you don’t have it.

Segment 4: Regoaling:  How do you know when to quit on a goal or continue?

YouTube with our Guest

About Our Guest

Shane J. Lopez, Ph.D., is the world’s leading researcher on hope. His mission is to help people of all ages exercise some control over what their future can become and to teach them how to aim for the future they want in school, work and life. He is also one of the most vocal advocates of psychological reform of America’s education system. He helps schools function less like impersonal factories and more like dynamic human development centers that help students achieve the meaningful futures they say they really want – including a good job and a happy family.

Dr. Lopez

is Gallup Senior Scientist in Residence and Research Director for the Clifton Strengths Institute. As chief architect of the Gallup Student Poll, he has measured hope in over a million people. This measure of hope, engagement, and wellbeing taps into the hearts and minds of U.S. public school students to determine what drives achievement. (It is available at no cost to any school or district interested in using it to start a hope conversation in their community). Dr. Lopez is the director of the annual Gallup Wellbeing Forum, which convenes scholars, leaders, and decision makers to discuss the issues that determine happiness and health.

He researches the links between hope, strengths development, academic success, and overall wellbeing and collaborates with scholars around the world on these issues. He specializes in hope and strengths enhancement for students from preschool through college graduation, advocating a whole-school strengths model that also builds the strengths expertise of educators, parents, and youth development organizations. Dr. Lopez has provided strengths mentoring to thousands of college students, including academic, career, and life planning, and he advises schools, colleges, and universities on these issues. He is coauthor of the statistical reports for the Clifton StrengthsFinder and the Clifton Youth StrengthsExplorer.

His Website: