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Alternative Healing

Presence-The antidote to suffering (Richard Moss)

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Have you tried every pain medication and still in pain?  Richard Moss, a former Emergency room doctor, shares the process he’s developed over the last 37 years that have helped many of those suffering from pain.  His simple and profound program may surprise you.  It’s natural, free, and you don’t have to travel anywhere to get it.

Show Summary

  • Segment 1: Being Present- Why bother?  What does it mean to be present and why it’s different than just being focused on one thing?
  • Segment 2: Presence – Better than Aspirin – Richard Moss used to run marathons, back pack, and more.  Now, his back pain has left him in a wheel chair.  He explains why this is the happiest time in his life.  What is the number one area in life that causes the most pain and suffering?
  • Segment 3: A check-up for your mind– Where does your mind go when it’s not in the NOW?   How can you train it to move to the present?
  • Segment 4: How can your wife penetrate you?  How can you go beyond the words spoken in a relationship to a much deeper place of truly relating to someone?

YouTube of our Guest

About our Guest

richardmossRichard Moss is an internationally respected leader in the field of inner transformation, subtle body-mind dynamics, and living a path of conscious relationships. In 1977 Richard was a practicing medical doctor when he experienced a spontaneous spiritual illumination that awakened him to the multi-dimensional nature of human consciousness. This realization profoundly transformed his understanding of the roots of emotional suffering, and inspired him to explore the almost limitless human potential for growth and healing.

Impelled by this opening, he released the practice of medicine to devote his life to mentoring individuals and couples whose lives have brought them to the point where they hunger to explore the mystery of their being. Whether called to his work by their soul’s yearning to awaken and grow, or impelled by a health, career, or relationship crisis, his comprehensive and evolutionary approach to healing and forging loving relationships has transformed the lives of tens of thousands of people. He is particularly renowned for the innovative, experiential nature of his workshops and longer retreats that offer individuals direct experience of life-changing states of consciousness and provide them with very effective models and practices for on-going personal growth.

He guides seminars and retreats in North and South America, Europe, and Australia, and is available for private mentoring for individuals at his home in Colorado. He has published 7 seminal books on his visionary approach to human evolution which have been translated into 6 languages.