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Communication Skills

Is your teen lying? (Vanessa Van Petten)

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bigstock-Teen-Girls-Text-Messaging-37136302Do you want a basic primer to use for having a respectful and authentic conversation with your child?  An essential ingredient is understanding your kid’s side of the equation.  Vanessa Van Petten, winner of the Mom’s Choice Award  and author of “Do I Get My Allowance Before or After I’m Grounded” has long been a trusted resource used by teens and parents to help bridge the communication divide.  Get the much-needed perspective you need when talking to your child.

Show Summary:

  • Segment 1: How to get your kids to open up to you?  Vanessa shares a simple tech tip to separate your child’s school and home life.  Learn how to read your child’s face and whether they are experiencing fear about a situation at school or home. 
  • Segment 2: How to tell if your kids are lying? You want to know “What happened”, but you aren’t sure if your child is telling you the full story.  How can you tell if your kid is lying to you?  What body language can you look for when someone is lying?
  • Segment 3: How to have a difficult conversation with your teen about drugs, sex, etc? 4 steps to prepare yourself for a difficult conversation and an example of what a productive conversation would sound like.  2 simple tips for getting your child to trust and open up to you during a challenging conversation?
  • Segment 4: How to place respectful and well-considered limits on social media? The good and the bad of social media for teens.

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About Our Guest

Vanessa Van Petten is a CNN columnist, winner of the Mom’s Choice Award and an author with Penguin Books. She travels the country speaking to all types of groups about family relationships, teen lifestyles, advertising to Net-Generation and many other issues pertaining to Gen Y. She also gives keynote and inspirational speeches. – See more at: