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Enlightenment -Why achieving it is a story? (VIDEO)

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“Learn why achieving enlightenment is a story. Paul Selig shares some of the main points in “The Book of Mastery” and how his own life path has been affected by the work he channels.   Plus, we’ll talk about what it means to be Divine, and why suffering is only optional.

Video Highlights:

What happens when Paul channels? What happens during a live channeling session?

  • 4:37 What happens when Paul becomes a channel?
  • 7:59 What comes through during a weekend session with Paul?
  • 10:52 What happens during an attunement in a group session?
  • 16:38 What happens to attendees after a weekend session when they learn an incantation?

What does it mean to be Divine? How do you find your Eternal Self?

  • 17:54 What does it mean to be Divine? The real Self, the incarnated self that knows who and what she is beyond the expression she’s taken in form. The Eternal self who is always true that is who you are. Everything else is an idea of who you are that you have appropriated to agreed to depending on your birth, your family of origin, culture you were born into, and the time you take a body. You believe yourself to be a certain way in agreement to what you were taught. This is an aspect of you, but it not the truth of who you are. When you claim the truth of who you are, you self identify as the Divine Self, Eternal Self, Manifest Truth, the One who can be known at this level and it becomes your expression. The expression of your true self in manifestation is how you serve.
  • 19:45 What does it feel like for Paul when he is his Eternal Self?
  • 24:03 How do you get in this state of Grace? It’s choice, and allowance, and agreement to be at this level. If you agree to be at this level, you call to yourself the circumstance that allow you to know it. You are in charge of it. Some of this is not about being subjugated by your emotional self to dictate who you are and how you have all your experiences.

Why achieving Enlightenment is a story?

  • 35:18 Why achieving enlightenment is a “story”? Why being “spiritual” can be a story? How you don’t have to achieve anything to be of service?
  • 37:50 What happens when you don’t know how you serve? “How you serve is how you are most fully realized as your true self”. The True self is the Self that calls itself into manifestation, not the small self that thinks it’s supposed to look a certain way.
  • 39:29 What is spiritual materialism? Why are ideal of enlightenment is the small Self’s sense of what that means. You can’t know it, as it is a state of being, and you can’t know what it is until you are there.
  • 40:31 What is the point of our spiritual journey? Is it all about feeling “good” all the time?

How can you shift your relationship to pain and suffering?

  • 25:46 Why college was Paul’s spiritual job? Why teaching can be an act of love?
  • 28:02 How did Paul navigate a challenging time in his life? How can letting go leave you to feeling less fear in your life?
  • 41:37 What is the role of suffering? Guides: “We would like to say this. The idea of suffering of having value must be released. There is really no value to suffering. Things may be learned in different ways, when you encounter growth you may choose how you encounter it. And when you realize yourself as not needing what you thought you did. Most of you will find the release of pain is immediate, but the question is “can you name yourself as the one that is happy or is in joy? Can you know yourself as that of what you are”. The moment you can, it can be claimed. Aspiring to it in some ways discounts the experience you are in now. And by doing that, you remove yourself from what you say you want. If we could tell you one thing about Joy, it is an option that may be known and expressed through as is truth, as is love, as is being known by your Source. These can be aligned too, in choice ad in willingness to release the things that you have utilized to separate yourselves from.
  • 44:06 Is suffering optional? It’s about how you claim your experience and what you were taught about your experience to be. you assume what you were supposed to have based on what you were taught you should feel and you came to agreement with this on a collective level.
  • 45:17 Are we attached to pain?
  • 45:47 How can we view death in a different way? Paul channels wisdom about how to think about his dog’s death: By understanding that she (Paul’s dog) needed to go, that the loss was my (Paul) own. I was the one in pain, because I wasn’t getting what I wanted, even if keeping her alive would require her to suffer longer. The realization that nothing is permanent is an enormous lesson for all of you. When you have a loved one that crosses what you are really releasing is your attachment to him or her on this plane not the True Self who is always somewhere and in expression with itself somewhere as well. When you release who you think you are and allow the true Self to be known, there is a similar passage. You relieve yourself of your achievements or what has been said about you, the relationship you had last, or may have next. Once you understand that who and what you are is of the Divine, you are here to learn. Everything can be learned and no experience needs to be discounted here. You can learn in different ways. We do not discount pain, we simply say it’s not a good prescription.
  • 50:41 Why life is it about choosing love?