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Emotional Intelligence and Psychology

Love—The Best Anger Management Tool (Segment 1)

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Show Summary

LovingAnger is my friend (see show on Anger). It didn’t start off that way, but over time I have learned to face my anger and learn from it. Shepherd Hoodwin described it perfectly in this interview when he said that everything in life, including learning from your anger, is a spiritual practice. Anger is power coming through you, a life force and energy, that arises when you have to deal with either a real threat (a robber in your house) or a perceived threat, which Shepherd aptly described as baggage anger. Baggage anger is your own anger that you project to another person due to an unresolved issue in your past. The spiritual practice happens when you can gain distance from your emotional reaction to gauge its appropriateness. My favorite quote from the book is below because to me it nails both self-love and love to others.

“If you find yourself either attacking others or trying to be loving by repressing your feelings, you have not yet accurately perceived Love. … Love is in the middle, where there is not need for repression or inappropriate expression. Love your anger. Love it all”

— Shepherd Hoodwin, Loving from Your Soul: Creating Powerful Relationships

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About our Guest

ShepherdShepherd Hoodwin is a channel who specializes in the Michael teachings about how we set up our lifetimes.  He is also an intuitive and workshop leaders who does past-life readings and therapy, mediumship, animal communications, counseling, and channel coaching (teaching others to channel).