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Dual Display for upcoming Apple’s iPhone 8 Specs

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Samsung always taken a wrong a route to add the Display future in it even through the smartphones gained success. Now they don’t want to repeat it again in Galaxy S8 then it will be a really most expected feature of the phone. There is a report that the phone is that the company has already made the designs which will be featured in high ended device and added to the both side of the screen which is built in cover.

There is a rumor that the Galaxy S series phone is held on the same diagonal screen size in all the phones. Now Galaxy S8 have the same feature and even Galaxy S7 too. iPhone 8 specifications It will have the size of 5.1 and 5.5 inches. There is a report made by the popular website claims that the screen size of the phone will be increased in the next Galaxy series in order to attract the audience. There is a rumor that the Galaxy S8 will come with 5.7-inch and 6.2-inch version. It will have the 4K and QHD resolutions and most of the Samsung phones have been added to QHD.

iPhone 8 will be the most special smartphone from Apple

There is a rumor that the Samsung has been removed the feature of having the dual-screen to make it one larger display in the favor of the new design. The phone reports that it looks like a professional notebook and it will be targeted at executives, sales pros and students. The new design of the phone says that it will going to have the cover which will have the two screens folded. This will be a functional unit which contains input devices, sensors, antenna devices, and charging pads. They also revealed that it will going to have the pen and ultrasonic input, a projector and biometric scanner, and sensors to track grip, gestures, and UV.

We all are hearing the same news again and again that Galaxy S8 will going to have the slick and bezel les design. The display will wrap up around the device. Some rumors says that the phone have the screen-to-body ratio is above 90 percent. Then the reports claims that the phone will have reduce in bezels at the top and bottom in previous Galaxy devices. The report even says that the phone will not have the flat-screened version of the Galaxy S8. There are two models of this phone are coming and both will have the dual edge curves.

iPhone 8 highlightes:

Now looking at the Mobile notes then there will be the removal of old design then there will be reduce in the weight and thickness of the phone. So, there is a highlighted news is that it will going to have the processing device to support a mobile TV too.

You might know that the Samsung has submitted the patent application in November in 2015. Now we need to wait whether it adds the design or not.