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Sustainable Farming: Making smart food choices (Slow food)

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Learn about slow food and sustainable farming and how your food decisions at the store can help the planet.  Slow food is food that’s good for the people who grow it, good for the people who eat it, and good for the planet.

Radio Interview about Sustainable Farming

  • Learn what sustainable farming is and the damage done by big factory farms.
  • What are the hidden costs of factory farmers and prices you see at the grocery store?  What is the environmental impact of fertilizers and pesticides?
  • How can you make more educated choices when you are at the grocery store?  What do labels such as cruelty free and free range really mean?

Missie April-  Co-owner of Learning Run Garden, a sustainable farm

Missie Aprill owns and operates a small family farm in Cape May County, NJ. She and her husband also own an award-winning public flower garden and replica colonial farm, called Leaming’s Run Gardens. Located on a historic site, the gardens cover over 20 acres of native woodlands and are home to one of the oldest whaler’s homes in the state, built in 1706. The gardens have been open to the public since 1978, and are maintained completely by Missie and her husband, Gregg.

Missie is past president of the South Jersey Shore chapter of Slow Food USA, and is an organic farmer and an open-hearth cook.