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No Impact Man (no TV, cars, or toliet paper)

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bigstock-tree-in-lamp-view-background-49578776What would it be like to try to live a no impact (sustainable) lifestyle? Is it possible? Is living this way more fun or less fun? More satisfying or less satisfying? Harder or easier? What would it be like if you took the environmental situation (or at least my tiny part of it) into your own hands? Hear about one New Yorker’s journey with the No Impact Man that started a movement.

Interview with the No Impact Man

  • Is your style of living congruent with your values? Hear Colin’s allegory of 2 frogs one who was smart and the other one who was stupid.
  • Is wanting an itch that will never stop?  Does the system we live in support happiness still?
  • Have you fully discovered your personal gift? Are you living a life with community and time to spend time with your family? Hear what happened to Colin’s life when he cut out TV.

Colin Beavan – Executive Director of the No Impact Project

Colin Beavan’s writing, speaking, and activism have encouraged tens of thousands of people to examine their lives and discover what’s really important to them. Colin is the founder and Executive Director of the No Impact Project, a visiting scholar at NYU and advisor to the University’s Sustainability Task Force, sits on the board of directors of NYC’s Transportation Alternatives, and is on the Just Food advisory council. Colin’s yearlong experiment in living with as little environmental impact as possible with his family in NYC became the subject of his provocative, award-winning blog, his book No Impact Man, and a Sundace-selected documentary of the same name. His work has been featured in nearly every major newspaper, along with countless magazine articles, and he has appeared on shows such as the Colbert Report, Good Morning America, and Nightline.