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Business & Life Skills

How to start a small business?

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Learn how to start a small business – It’s always hard to start off a new business as it means coming up a new vision for yourself.  The next common hurtle is  overcoming your fears and daring to be BIG.  This video will help by offering:

An exercise for overcoming your fears:  Humans, like all things in nature, go through big life cycles.  Let’s say you’ve got some clarity on your dream job, often the next obstacle is overcoming your fear of failure, or becoming BIG.  Betsy walks CJ through a powerful exercise that you can do at home.

About our Guest: 

Twelve years ago I was catalyzed by my own dissatisfaction as a lawyer into a career of guiding others to deeper satisfaction and fulfillment in their work and lives. Realizing I had been leaving parts of my authenticity at the workplace door, I began a quest to find my passion. After a life-changing self-discovery book serendipitously fell into my hands, I knew my calling was to help guide and empower others to create careers and lives they love.

I am passionate about helping clients find true success and fulfillment in their careers, businesses, relationships and lives. While I work with all professionals, I specialize in helping lawyers. Having practiced law in small and large firm settings, I understand what lawyers face in wrestling with career and life transition issues.

Trained and certified as a life coach, I can help you sort through confusion, move into clarity, and engage the resources of your mind and heart to manifest what you want.

Since my own career transition, I have been educated and trained in life design, career coaching, expressive arts therapy, as well as deep relaxation meditation and guided visualization. I draw on my rich background in the creative arts, holistic healing, and psychology to take you out of the box of limited thinking and into new ideas and possibilities. My coaching will help you engage both sides of the brain to access your inner wisdom and create practical solutions that move you forward.

I bring warmth, keen intelligence, humor and enthusiasm to every session.

I speak, write, and lead workshops and retreats on navigating career transitions, work-life balance, and living in alignment with your true values, passion, and purpose.

I am blessed to live in Seattle, three blocks from a beautiful lake, with my two wonderful daughters.

I invite you to contact me to discuss your goals, ask questions, gain more information, and see how we fit.Click here to set up a complimentary, 30-minute coaching consultation. To arrange by phone, call Betsy at  206-605-2900.