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Intention & Manifestation

Soul Connection: Living your spiritual values (Michelle Vickers)

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Soul connectionAre you feeling dazed and confused and in need of good advice?  Do you want people to “get you” at a soul level?  Join us as we talk about “What is a soul?” and more as our guest, Michelle Vickers, offers practical advice and shows us how you can bring back power and control in your life.


Show Highlights: 
Part 1: Who and where should you go for life advice?  What is the soul? Why is talking to your soul the best resource? What are your natural abilities that you came to express in your life according to your soul’s wisdom?  Listen to Part 1
Part 2:  Do you get yourself at a soul level? Michelle offers a real-life experience with what it feels like to connect to your own soul. What does your soul feel like? How can you make a soul connection with others?  Listen to Part 2
 Part 3: How can you connect to love, illumination, purity, truth, respect,etc. during your everyday experiences?  Let’s say you are about to go to a business meeting.  How would you tune into truth, movement, etc. during that meeting to be integrity with these higher values?  Listen to Part 3
Part 4: What does it mean to tune into your heart and soul?  How you could have 2000 soul mates? Listen to Part 4


About our Guest: 

Michelle’s gifts offer you the opportunity to experience feeling the fullness of your Soul energy; free from any of your personal challenges or illusions. Michelle connects you directly to your Soul and then holds the “space” so you are able to nurture and develop your relationship on a physical level. Cultivating this relationship with your Soul brings you a deeper clarity and awareness of the powerful gifts and talents you have within you.Michelle has spent lifetimes cultivating a greater understanding of the Universe, how it works and why we are here. It is through her past experiences and dedication to personal change that allows her to offer others ancient knowledge on a Universal level explaining who we are and why we are here.Resources: 

  • Michelle’s website:
  • Booking either private Soul Connections or 3 day Soul Awakening Intensives: