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Creating your Bucket List (Danny Dover)

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license platesAt one point or another we may hit a low point where we feel depressed or stuck in a rut. Danny Dover hit that point a few years ago when he was diagnosed with depression and was told his depression may last two years.  The cure for his depression did not come in the form of a pill, but instead the remedy for him involved taking a plunge into life’s adventures and joy.  Danny Dover, now 26 years old, created a bucket list of 150 life events to complete by May 25, 2017.  Pretty cool, huh?

Here are Danny’s ideas to inspire you into action if you want to follow his lead and some ideas on what you may encounter if you decide to do something similar.

3 Things to get your started:

1) Shift your perspective:  If you are in a rut, perhaps it’s because you are taking your life for granted.  Start shifting your perspective to one of gratitude and appreciation for all the things you have versus focusing on what’s missing.

2) There is no think, only do: In retrospect, Danny felt he spent too much of his old time thinking about his passion rather than doing it.  His advice, pick something simple that you may want to do and just start doing it.

3) Get your finances in order:  Earlier on Danny felt that his fear and ignorance about money got in the way of moving forward. Here are some pragmatic resources he suggests to remove the money obstacle:, and the book, “The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need” – While Danny cut his income in 1/2,  it seems the benefits of his enhanced quality of life improvements is priceless.  Plus, Danny finds that he just needs less stuff to make him happy.

3 Step Process:

1) Construct a list:  Danny created his list of 150 life events by  grabbing coffees and beers with lots of different types of people in my life and asking them what has been the most amazing thing you have ever done?   He summarized his findings into 3 areas that made people happy: new experiences, family and friends, and travel.  His final list started off with stuff he was familiar with (e.g.-take a cooking class) and then included life events he had no clue about (e.g.- a trip to Belize a country he didn’t even know about).  He suggests starting off with tasks on your list that are easy and quick to complete (e.g.- take a cooking class, get a shave at barber) to ensure completion and a good experience.

2) Create a goal:  Now with list in hand, Danny got motivated by a simply stated goal and a date– “To complete his 150 live events on his bucket list by May 25, 2017”.

3) Mono-focus on goal:  Danny built a whole life around this one goal with his whole life mission and lifestyle revolving around it.  Practically speaking this meant changing his finances, job prospects, etc. around making his goal happen achievable. The question he has asked himself throughout his journey – “Why are we here? His answer to-date, ” I’m here to complete my list”.  You cannot beat the clarify, focus, and simplicity of his mission. Check out for more information on Danny’s blog.

3 things you may encounter

1)    Waiting time: Ironically, adventure travel involves a lot of passive time sitting around waiting for planes, trains, etc.  Danny uses these time outs in airports as impromptu workspaces to do his paying work with his clients.

2)    Loss of control/Disconnect: There were many times that Danny did not speak the language in the countries he was visiting, one time going for a week without speaking English to anyone.  Internet connection and working can  some times be challenge too.  The other was running out of money in the correct currency in Argentina.

3)    Unexpected/unknown: Recently, Danny fell down into a crevice with no clear bottom at sight while checking off his life event of mountaineering in Antarctica.  To me, this last encounter was such a great metaphor for life’s unknowns and how Danny overcame it was perfect.  He pulled himself up and out and kept going on with his mission.

And Robert Frost – “Not all who wander are lost.” – I know feel most at home when I am wandering in some random city.


To find out more about Danny check out: and