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Alternative Healing

Prevent Hangovers and Cold/Flus (Susan Smith)

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Want to prevent a hangover?  Reminders on some time tested cures and hear of some herbal remedies to keep you headache free on New Year’s Day. How about if the damage is done and you need SOS for your horrendous hangover? Dr. Susan Smith Jones will come to your rescue.

About our Guest:

Susan Smith Jones, M.S., Ph.D. Even though she has three of America’s most ordinary names, has made extraordinary accomplishments in the fields of high-level wellness, optimal nutrition, anti-aging, balanced living, and human potential.

A prolific writer, Susan has authored over 1,500 magazine articles on holistic health and over 25 books, including Recipes for Health Bliss, Be Healthy~Stay Balanced, Walking on Air and The Healing Power of NatureFoods. Susan travels internationally as a frequent guest on radio and TV talk shows and an in demand motivational speaker to community, corporate, and spiritual groups.

Show Highlights:

  • Part 1: Preventing a Hangover: Don’t drink on an empty stomach, drink water, and aspirin are the time tested solutions, but find out how strawberries and willowbark may help.
  • Part 2: SOS for One Crazy Night:  Peppermint teas are nice, but how about a smoothie to cure your hangover.  Learn about an Asian plant that will help you reduce your desire for alcohol and other natural remedies.
  • Part 3: Sniffles Got you Down?: You can combat your cold by fortifying your immune system. Learn how Susan has avoided a cold in years.
  • Part 4: Go beyond Hand Sanitizer: Did you know a sneeze can travel at 60mph and 20 feet? Not only is it gross, but it’s true too.  Tune into to get some easy ways to keep well during the Winter season.  It may even involve taking a spa- Ooh la la.