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Deliberately Developmental Organizations (Andy Flemming Video)

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CEO Andy Fleming talks about a new breed of company called Deliberately Developmental Organizations (DDO’s).  These pioneering companies fundamentally redefine not only employee training and development, but the nature of work.  Learn how three highly profitable companies featured in the book “An Everyone Culture” have created new ways for employees to find purpose and personal growth at work. Get more information at


Definition: What is a Deliberately Developmental Organizations (Part 1 of 2)

  • What is a Deliberately Developmental Organizations (DDO)? What are some of the practices of DDO’s?
  • Why is ongoing feedback better than standardized review process, training, or coaching?
  • What are some metrics that prove DDO’s are equal or better than non-DDO’s?
  • Why DDO’s help with employee retention, recruiting, and overall happiness? Why DDO’s have better engagement?
  • Practices used by cutting edge DDO’s

Stepping off the fast track (Part 2 of 2)

Andy Fleming, CEO of, shares his personal story of getting off the fast track (Yale to Harvard Biz School to working at a Fortune 500 company) and his deep dive in researching how work can not only be about getting paid, but being an expression of who we are. How can you integrate your inner sense of yourself with what you do?  How  a Deliberately Developmental Organizations were the answer to Andy’s personal quest.

  • Why your office should not only be a great place to work but a great place to grow?
  • What is the theory of human development and what are companies that embody this science?
  • A structured approach to personal growth – What are things you can do for your own personal growth?
  • What are some practices I could do to help my personal growth?


Articles on DDO’s

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