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The hunter farmer diet (Dr. Mark Liponis)

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The words Lose Weight on the display of a scale to tell you youWhy do some diets work and some diets fail?  Join CJ as she interviews Dr. Mark Liponis, who is the medical director of  the famous and exclusive Canyon Ranch Health resorts and a New York Times best-selling author about his book “The Hunter/Farmer Diet Solution”. Dr. Mark Liponis shares the secrets for creating the right diet for the right person and offers tips for easy ways to lose weight.  Get a list of the best weight loss foods based on how you metabolize food and learn about the hunter farmer diet.

Show Highlights

  • Part 1: Should you eat like a hunter or a farmer?Why some diets work and some don’t? How to match your diet with how your body works?
    Part 2 (15min 43 sec): Why knowing whether you are a hunter or farmer is important to your overall health and well being? 3 ways to test if you are a hunter, farmer, or combo?
  • Part 3 (26min 11 sec)What are the implications for the food you should eat? Listener questions (sodium, gluten free, kidney disease)

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Blog Post and Video by our Guest


Americans are overweight, and they’re getting heavier. Other than wanting to perform invasive surgical procedures, most doctors offer little help. Their advice is usually “Eat less, exercise more,” which falls back on the outdated dogma of calories in/calories out. Medical research on dieting is confusing and often contradictory. Not only are most people unsure about which weight-loss plan is best, but their physicians are, too! It has become an “everyone for him- or herself” situation, where we’re forced to experiment, hoping to hit on the magic weight-loss formula by chance . . . and the increasing number of fad diets makes our odds of picking the right weight-loss plan even less likely. Why can’t the medical establishment make sense of the overload of information and give us sound advice that actually enables people to lose weight and improve their health?

Fortunately, recent studies have shined a new light on the subject and may finally help us understand a successful way to diet. This research proves what many men and women have learned through trial and error: some do better on a low-carb diet, and others do better on a low-fat diet. This is because some people have the metabolism of a Hunter, while others have the metabolism of a Farmer.

In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Mark Liponis, a leading expert in preventive and integrative medicine, will show you how to determine which type you are so that you can lose weight and improve your health at the same time. 

Once you know your type, you’ll be on the road to successful weight loss and greater health and well-being!

About our Guest

Dr. Mark LiponisMark Liponis, M.D., is the Corporate Medical Director at Canyon Ranch Health Resorts and has been a practicing physician for more than 20 years, including extensive experience in emergency departments and critical care units. The co-author of the New York Times bestsellerUltraPrevention and the author of UltraLongevity, Dr. Liponis is internationally recognized as a leading expert in preventive and integrative medicine.

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