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Communication Skills

Using Energy Medicine to Keep Your Relationship Thriving

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We all have different ways of making sense of the world around us, but when in conflict with our loved ones we revert to one of four “Energetic Stress Styles”: Donna Eden, pioneer in the field of Energy Medicine, helps you identify your energetic stress style found in her book “The Energies of Love: Using Energy Medicine to Keep Your Relationship Thriving. Plus, tips on how to manage your energy when you are having a heated conversation with your loved ones, friend, or work associate.

The Energies of Love: Using Energy Medicine to Keep Your Relationship Thriving

  • 0:58What are the energetic stress styles? When does our stress style show up?
  • 2:20Why is it impossibly hard to connect with others during an argument?

What are the Four different Energetic Stress styles?

  • 3:24What are the 4 different energetic wavelengths? (Visual, Tonal, Digital, Kinesthetic).
  • 4:00How does a kinesthetic stress style interact with others under stress? What motivates a kinesthetic?
  • 6:29Why it’s no one’s fault for reacting according to their stress point?
  • 8:36How can incompatible stress styles between partners be resolved?
  • 9:27How do tonal energetic stress styles work when in conflict? Why it’s really important to hear them? Why the tone of your voice is critical? Why tonals sometimes hear what is not said? How tonals focus on the past? How tonals can tune out the whole world and be self-critical?
  • 13:15What is the visual energetic stress style? How do visuals use their eyes to communicate during arguments? Why supposed helpful feedback from visuals may not really help the other person?
  • 15:47How can you Donna look at a person and know their sensory system by their body gestures and mannerisms?
  • 16:50How do you know for sure what type you are?

Improve your relationships by working with someone’s energy

  • 18:37How do you work with someone’s style? (Digital and tonal) Why knowing your energetic stress style can make you stronger?

4 Steps To diffuse an argument

  • 21:07Step 1: STOP-What are tips for stopping the surge of fight or flight?
  • 21:34Step 2: TAP.- How Donna uses energy exercise to move your energy during stress to unscramble your body?
    • 22:15What are some exercises to do during a time out from your partner to get back in your body? Notice breath. Soften belly. Open heart.
    • 23:35What are energetic exercises for tonals to get energetically balanced?
    • 24:44How would visuals do to calm their energy?
  • 26:09STEP 3: ATTUNE. How you can energetically get at the same wave length. What can you do to reconnect with your partner?
    • 28:24Donna shares a story when she melted down in public.
  • 32:14STEP 4: RESOLVE- Each partner tries to really understand the other. Did you mean xxx? Ask until you get 3 YES’s.
    • 34:20Why you can have better conversations after doing Step 3?

How your partnership evolves by using energetic stress styles?

  • 37:28How your partnership may evolve over time when using these techniques?
  • 38:15What are some of the benefits of meeting our energetic opposite?
  • 41:29How do you cultivate a spiritual connection with your partner?
  • 43:42Why foreplay lasts all day long?
  • 44:16How gratitude for your partner creates a deep connection?
  • 44:43How a quickie helps can connect both of you?

Eden, D., & Feinstein, D. (n.d.). The energies of love: Using energy medicine to keep your relationship thriving. Tarcher Perigee.

Donna EdenFor nearly four decades, Donna Eden has been teaching people how to work with the body’s energy systems to reclaim their health and natural vitality.

Donna is among the world’s most sought, most joyous, and most authoritative spokespersons for Energy Medicine. Her abilities as a healer are legendary. She has taught more than 100,000 people worldwide, both laypeople and professionals, how to understand the body as an energy system. Now you can study with her through her videos, DVDs, books, and other home study resources.

Able from childhood to clairvoyantly see the body’s subtle energies, she not only works with those energies to further health, happiness, and vitality, she has made a career of teaching people who do not see energies how to work with them— joyfully and effectively.