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Why should you go Vegan? (Sarah Tayor)

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Why should you go Vegan? Want to lose weight, have more energy, and protect the planet?  Bring it on.  Discover why being vegan is good for your mind, body, and spirit.  Learn how you can survive even without dairy, eggs, and meat.  Get some tips on how you can live a solo-vegan lifestyle without tormenting your family and friends at meals.

About our Guest: 

Sarah Taylor is the owner of The Vegan Next Door, a company dedicated to bringing the vegan diet to mainstream Americans in an easy, fun and healthful way. She is the author of the book calledVegan in 30 Days, which gives practical advice to everyday people on how to go vegan. Sarah has an MBA from Seattle University, and a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University. On a personal note, Sarah enjoys adventure travel and plays competitive tennis with the United States Tennis Association.

Show Highlights

  • Part 1: Vegan 101: What is vegan? 4 main reasons for going vegan.
  • Part 2: Surviving as a Vegan: How to go Vegan? Sarah’s favorite vegan cheese, and chocolate. Key vegan essentials for your pantry. Least expensive places to go for a vegan diet.
  • Part 3: Practicalities of being a Vegan:  How to navigate restaurants, travelling, and families that have made different eating choices?
  • Part 4: Spirituality:   Why Sara believes being a Vegan is a spiritual choice?
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