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Happiness at Work

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CJ Liu interviews life and business coach Jim Donovan  about his newest book “Happy @ work” sharing his tips on how you can create more purpose, success, and happiness at work.  Get 3 tips on how to stay Engaged and Successful and achieve happiness at work.


Show Summary


Listener Questions

Should you write the plan out? 

I view it less as a plan and more of an image. Of course I’m a pretty visual person. However I do have it written as if in a scene. 

You can write it, draw it, record it or whatever media suits you. The important part is seeing it as having already happened. You’re “future pacing” your dreams. Describing it in detail is important and writing it down give you a vision statement you can read and visualize.

Can your vision change?I hope so. For me this has been an evolving process that has been taking place since I first learned of the idea more than twenty years ago. That’s why many people, including myself, like a five year view. That’s easier to see.

Is it hard to get your vision?

It is not. If it feels hard, you’re pushing against it. Make it more playful. Just start day dreaming about what sounds like something you’d like to do, have or become.

How long does it take to get your vision?

Time is not involved in the visioning or visualization process since it’s happening in your imagination. The part affected by time is how long it takes to manifest what you want and there are too many variables to discuss here.

Bonus tip:

The one thing that I feel contributed more to the success I’ve enjoyed than anything else is the habit I developed of reading or listening to personal development on a regular basis.

Please let me know if I can assist further.


Blog post by our guest

Happiness matters – here’s why


“Unhappiness is an ego-created mental-emotional disease that has reached epidemic proportions. It is the inner equivalent of the environmental pollution of our planet.” Eckhart Tolle

When I first read this statement in Tolle’s book, A New Earth (2006 Plume), I bought the book. I was browsing in a bookstore when I saw the book, which several people suggested I read, but for some reason had avoided doing so.

When I opened the book to the quote above it was like a bell went off inside my head. I immediately saw the connection the statement has to my task of bringing the happy@work message to people everywhere; a message that people deserve to be happy at work and can learn ways to be happier, regardless of circumstances. And, if that were not enough, companies are learning that happy people are more engaged and, thus, more productive, resulting in higher revenue. Everyone wins!

happy at work seminar images.011As companies invest in employee wellness and performance programs they will begin to reap the rewards of a highly productive, engaged workforce who, as an added benefit, are less likely to leave.

I’m not sure how we got to the place where so many people are unhappy. The level of employee engagement and satisfaction in the American workplace is presently, according to the Gallup organization, a mere thirty percent.

This is pretty dismal and, personally, I do not see how we are to remain a world economic power if this is allowed to continue. It’s time for us all to come together, employees and owners alike, and start changing the tone of the workplace in America.

Companies need to reinstate the employee development programs that were once commonplace and do their part in reengaging their people.

Employees need to start taking part in their own happiness and well being. Regardless of what your company is doing or not doing there are numerous steps you can take to be happier, more engaged and, ultimately, more successful. There are 60 simple ways in my “happy@work” book alone.

Where can we begin?

If you listen to Shawn Achor, author of the Happiness Advantage, you’ll learn what he and his pals at Harvard discovered; that intelligence and education represent only 25% of your potential for long-term success.

The more important predictors, representing the remaining 75% are your beliefs, who you associate with, and your attitude. If this sounds similar to what those of us in the personal development field have been saying all along it’s because it is. On top of that, every major religion and spiritual study agrees.

The huge difference now, and what makes Achor’s findings so important is that now we can not only scientifically prove what people like me have been saying for years, but we can understand why it’s true and, therefore replicate the results across groups of people.

Next steps

Now that we know all this cool stuff (my scientific explanation:-) and we understand how to make ourselves and others happier, and we know that people in a positive state are more effective, engaged, intelligent, creative, and happy, the giant task ahead for anyone who wants to take up the challenge, is to spread this message to people wherever we can reach them.

The area where I have been guided to serve is in the workplace. With the book “happy@work” and our companion workshops and coaching programs we can help companies and their employees re-engage and improve happiness and productivity.

If the folks in your workplace would benefit from an injection of happiness, ask about our “happy@work” workshop and coaching programs, designed to increase engagement, productivity and happiness throughout the organization. 

We all need to do what we can to be happier and help those around us to become happier. If you’ve read any of my books or any other self-help information you know how to feel happier at any time. Now we need to teach this to the, roughly, 95% of the people who do not.

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About our Guest

jim-new250Jim Donovan is a powerful thought leader who’s books and teachings have positively impacted the lives of more than a million people worldwide.

His willingness to speak openly about, what he calls his, “decade of destruction,” and share the ideas and techniques that enabled him to radically change his life, have made him a sought after speaker and trainer for business events and meetings.

Jim’s sense of humor, coupled with his unique life experiences allow him to connect with diverse groups.

With more than half a million books in print and sixteen years as a speaker and coach, Jim Donovan is a recognized authority in the personal development field.

Several of his books, including “Handbook to a Happier Life,” “52 Ways to a Happier Life,” and “Don’t Let an Old Person Move Into Your Body,” have been paperback and Kindle best sellers.

Jim’s articles have appeared in numerous print and digital magazines and he is a frequent media guest and expert source on personal development.

His coaching programs blend Universal spiritual laws with proven business and success principles and are designed to produce extraordinary results.

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