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How do I find my soulmate?

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sueThis is the first of my synopsis of my show with author Sue Fredericks.  In this segment we talked about how to find your soul mate.

1) Segment 1: How do I find your soul mate?  (13 minutes)

During my first segment I  asked Sue Fredericks if it was possible that we go through our whole life and never find our soul mate.  My heart sank when I heard the answer…yes, it is possible that we don’t find our soul mate if we are not living true to our life path.  Huh? I guess this is the brutal truth about free will.  Sue Fredericks explains her own life in which she was denying her path as an intuitive healer and instead focused her life’s work on writing articles on health as a journalist.  For her, it took several soul mates and a trip to the ashram to nudge her to do the work she was intended to do here on earth.  Sue Fredericks introduced the idea that a person can have several soul mates along their life path, each designed to remind us of our life destiny.  As a coach, I liked the new perspective that perhaps our first, second, or third partners as helping us find ourselves.  It offered a nice justification for my first boyfriend who lied and cheated on me, my second who constantly criticized what I looked like, and my third lawyer boyfriend which treated the relationship like a court litigation.  In fact, these were benevolent beings purposely being idiots to help me get my act together.  While I don’t ooze forgiveness and gratitude for these three men, it did change my perspective on my many years spent with them.  Best of all, I love Sue Fredericks’ belief that your real soul mate is someone that nurtures you and is the person you create a home and family together with.  Yippee! Not that I needed validation, but I just felt happy inside that I’m with my true soul mate.  Phew!


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