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How to connect with your spirit guides? (Susan Shumsky)

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Little Cemetery AngelAre you hearing voices?  Maybe, these are your spiritual guides or divine beings.  Who are spirit guides? How to connect with your spirit guides, divine beings, deities, or God?  Is their spirit guide etiquette? How can you tell if you’ve really reached a divine being? How do divine beings communicate with us?

YouTube Interview with Susan Shumsky on the Who, What, and How’s of reaching divine beings (spirit guides)

Book Review: Divine Revelations

There are so many books out there about connecting with your spirit guides, tapping into your intuition, and talking to the dead.  I’m a practical gal and a process geek. Divine Revelations was the perfect book for me because it was short, practical, and had just enough information for me to get started. I’ve read a bunch of books about this topic and I picked up a bunch of new ideas in this book (see interview below).

For me, Susan Shumsky book had the perfect mix of ingredients needed for you to safely learn how to meet your spirit guides.  Here is how I break down what I got from the book:

  • Base knowledge needed to know HOW to successfully connect with your guides (knowing how to listen to your heart, how to go into the silence in stillness)
  • Stories from students that give you a sense of what you can expect when you try a technique
  • A roadmap to all the dimensions that you can travel to. This helps you discern what you are tapping into when you go deep into your inner realms.  For example, where are you?What voice are you hearing? Are you hearing your mental voice, psychic voice, and spiritual voice?
  • Guidance on how to break through certain attitudes and fears that may prevent you from connecting with your spirit guide (e.g.- What will others think? I’m afraid to change, etc)
  • A step-by-step guide through each major steps in connecting with your spirit guides 1)Getting into a deep meditation, 2) Avoiding potential issues when making a good energetic connection (e.g.- energy protection, empowered language, psychic chords, connecting to a unhelpful spirit, and ideas of God/spirit/etc that limit your experience ) 3) Learning the kinds of things guides can help you with (healing, how to ask questions that will net good results), 4) Providing a 9 step checklist on how you can verify that you are truly talking to a spirit guide from the light, and 5) Interpreting and understand the language that spirit guides communicate in (e.g.- feelings, sounds, and images).


A Guide to the Spiritual Plane

Who are spirit guides or divine beings?

Spirit guides is a general term to describe beings that live in other planes of reality. Generally speaking, most people who travel to other realms are looking for wisdom and divine guidance from spiritual beings of wisdom which include deities, ascended master, angle, archangel, animal guides, etc.  Spiritual beings of wisdom are found on the spiritual plane of reality.

Which person is YOUR guide? Once in the spiritual realm, you may develop an affinity for certain spiritual beings of wisdom based on your religious background. For example, a Buddhist would worship a different set of deities than a Jewish person.  You may find that you have several guides and a posse of spiritual beings that you will communicate with on a regular basis.  Some of these guides are assigned specifically to you, while others like Jesus are a guide to millions of people. There will be times when you want to connect with spiritual beings of wisdom, who specialize in providing advice for certain areas of your life.  See Q2 below for more information.

Spirit guides can also reside on the astral plane of reality. Spirits on the astral plane are not necessarily beings with wisdom, and Susan cautioned that they can be mischievous, or malevolent. These earth-bound spirits are lost and confused and haven’t found their way to the light.

If you want to talk to a deceased ancestor, you can find them on either plane of reality. But take care in discerning those who have passed to the light, versus those in the astral level who are earth-bound spirits that may be lost and confused.

How do you connect with spiritual beings for guidance?

In some ways connecting to spirit is not all that different than calling someone on the phone.  All you need is a phone directory to know who to call for what kinds of issues.  If you want general information, you don’t really need a phone book, just call out to Buddha, Krishna, Jesus.

But let’s say you wanted to get marketing advice, who would you call?  Like with any specialty, you might benefit by calling someone who is an expert in that field. For example, for marketing you would contact Archangel Gabriel who specializes in communication.  If you want the equivalent of a spiritual phone book consider getting Susan’s book Ascension

Here are some other deities that Susan mentioned on the radio interview.  For love issues dial Jesus/Mary, need compassion help try Quinyan, and got issues with your pet try St. Francis.  Dialing up is simply about calling them out by name.  For example, you may say “St. Francis, please provide your guidance on what my sick dog may need right now”.

What is a process of identifying your guides?

The meditation for finding your guide can be found at

Here is the written description from the interview:

  • Sit down in chair. Take some deep breaths. Get quiet and still. Do it again. And do it again. Get into a quiet state and get in meditative state where you are at peace and at one with the true nature of your being.
  • Ask for a divine being to come to you, or alternatively ask what divine being wants to talk to you. See question #2 above.
  • Ask for the divine being’s name (ask the being: who are you?), if you don’t ask for a specific person.
  • Ask a question, or provide details on what you want guidance on. You can ask for a healing, inspiration, or whatever it is that you want to get.
  • Get into a do nothing state where you are neutral and you are just allowing. In this space, you are not expecting, attempting, or trying to force the issue. Instead, you are completely relaxed and letting go.
  • Listen from this still place, and a voice will come to you or your heart. Answers may come in the form of a vision (seeing), a feeling, or a message of words(hearing). All you have to do is ask.

What and where are we connecting to when we connect to the spiritual realm?

While often times we visualize connecting upwards or downwards, but realize that the connection to spirit is everywhere and always present.  These divine beings are part of us and within us.  So, there is no reason to look outside of ourselves.  Connect in whatever way feels comfortable to you (up, down, in, out).

What are some expert tips that people should know when connecting to wise spiritual beings?

You can find lots of details on all of the above through Susan’s 2 books: How to hear the voice of God? , which includes a CD with a guided meditation and Divine Revelation that has the 9 steps to connect with Divine.  Here is a high level set of steps and some juicy tips from the YouTube interview.

  1. Prayer for unification with God. The book includes a prayer to help you connect.
  2. State your intention.  Be clear with what you want.  Don’t expect spiritual beings to predicate the future. Instead ask questions that draw upon their wisdom. For example, instead of asking God for a boyfriend, ask “God, what do I need to know to bring about my perfect mate?”It’s hard to ask God to predict the future, because even God doesn’t know the future because it is being created by you in the moment.  Occasionally, Susan has gotten prophecies about the future that have come true, but for Susan they never come when she asks for it.  Another problem with a predictive question is that it lowers your vibration because you are not placing yourself in a powerful place.  With a predictive question you are saying that you have no power over the situation and that you can’t make a choice or decision. Instead you are waiting for someone else (God) to do something for you. Susan cautions that if you do get an answer to a predictive question, that it may be an answer from an entity in the astral realm.
  3. Call your beings to raise vibrations and assist in meditation. Check out prayer in the book.
  4. Close off your aura to astral beings by saying this prayer. ” I AM in control. I AM the only authority in my life. I AM divinely protected by the light of my I close of my aura and body of light to all but my own God self. Thank you God and SO it is”. Really own these statements.  This is your boundary between other entities and you, so you want to make it strong.  The stronger this protection, the stronger your vibration.  As a side note, these words are powerful and can be used daily if you are a psychic sponge or if you are in the helping profession and are working with people all day and want to keep your aura clean.  This boundary can also protect you from sucking in others energies.  These prayers are super powerful, but choose what kind of protection works best for you.  Some visualize energetic bubbles.  The goal is to close yourself to lower astral world and to open yourself up to higher spiritual realms.  Here is another prayer, “God is within and god is without.  It doesn’t matter where you imagine God to be, because God is everywhere”
  5. Cut any psychic ties that you may have that will interfere with getting a clear energy field. Chords or ties can be from other people or to the astral world. It can take the form of negative thoughts, and emotions that are bothering you. Try this prayer: “ I call upon (spirit) to cut any and all psychic ties between me and (insert name of person).  These psychic ties are now lovingly cut, lifted, loved, healed, released, and let go into the light of love and truth. Thank you God and so IT IS”
  6. How do you know if you have reached your spirit guide?  There are 10 tests in Susan’s book (How to hear the voice of Guide and Divine Revelation) to test you have reached spiritual world versus astral or environmental world. Invisible realms aren’t necessarily all good. Here’s an example of a powerful test. Each divine being will have a signal, a calling call, or secret handshake that will give you a sense of their presence.  This helps you discern that particular spirit guide versus others.  Here are some examples of  calling cards: when the spirit enters you see a certain light, your head rolls back, you smell a fragrance, you taste something in their throat, hair stands on end, heat in their hands. These signals help you an figure out which divine being belongs to which divine signals.

Is there a spiritual guide etiquette? How often can you ask questions?

There are many human ideas that we project onto these spiritual beings.  Divine beings are infinite and don’t have the same boundaries that we have on earth.  Jesus can work with millions of people and not get tired. These beings are infinitely patient and they are here to help us and guide us and they love doing it. They like when we ask them questions. Don’t worry about how many questions you ask or what you ask about.

There are certain spiritual rituals that provide gifts or food to spirit  guides.  How important are these rituals? Susan said that these are rituals we do for ourselves to show our devotion.  It isn’t necessary for the Gods, as their love is not conditional and they cannot be bribed by food and gifts. While Thanking God is polite and nice, it’s not necessary.  God will give you a pass if your forget J

The rituals reinforce the reality that we have created and convince us of our truth. These actions, words, and deeds help create our reality.  Prayers help heal your subconscious and conscious mind.

” All that we are is a result of what we have thought.  If a person speaks or acts  with a pure thought happiness follows them.  If a person walks with an impure thought, then unhappiness follows them’.. Buddha.

How often should you be contacting these spiritual beings?

It’s important to have a balanced life, where we don’t spend all day in meditation.  A balanced day is one that includes

  • Dynamic Activity.
  • Prayer and affirmation to have a positive attitude.
  • There are 2 forms of meditation. Deep meditation where you are sitting with deep silence and one where you are communicating with Divine beings. It’s important to have a mix of both. Sitting in deep silence helps you cultivate and experience transcendental consciousness. Communication with divine beings develops the heart.

How do spiritual beings communicate with us?

Spiritual beings do connect through homonology ( you see a sign,  headline in paper, or build board that gives you a message).  But, the good news is that you can connect with divine wisdom consciously AT WILL versus passively looking for signs.  You don’t have to rely on synchronicity, coincidence, dreams, or accident to get signs. While spiritual beings do connect with us that way, you can connect with them directly through using the processes above and listening to the message through words, feelings, or pictures.