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Innovation @Work Fueled by Purpose & Creativity (Nick Seneca Jankel)

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Learn how love, creativity, and purpose are key to fostering breakthrough innovation.  What changes are happening in corporations and business? How has Nick Seneca Jankel convinced senior leadership at businesses to care about things beyond profits?

Creating Innovation through applying ancient wisdom

Switch On presents a compelling science-driven, wisdom-inspired answer to the most pressing question of the age: How do we as individuals, and our world as a whole, thrive? It is based on 20 years of research and experience at the forefront of personal, social and corporate change. The result is Breakthrough Biodynamics, a groundbreaking fusion of the latest neuroscience, evolution, ancient traditions, practical philosophy and powerful tools for making transformation happen.

Interview with Nick Seneca Jankel

Jump to the answers you want to hear (click on time stamps in video below)

0:253:01: What inspired the Switch On book?
3:02 – 5:21: How can every moment be ripe with creativity?
5:21– 8:03: How did Nick incorporate his spiritual self with his business self ? Nick shares the unexpected receptivity to his spiritual-based messages in the business community.
8:04 -10:33: How do you incorporate corporate social responsibility into the corporate dialogue? Nick describes how companies recognize that purpose-lead, sustainable ideas, are going to be the ideas that lead to innovation.
10:34-12:31: How do corporate leadership react to these higher level values (social impact, purposeful work)?
12:32-16:49: What proof do business people need to care about these ideas and to bring their hearts to business?
16:50-18:12: Nick talks about how these ideas are inspiring senior business people (Harvard Professors, etc).
18:13 Nick describes his journey from being an atheist studying Science at Cambridge University (rationalist/mechanism) to being a spiritualist.


The Switched on MBA

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Nick Seneca Jankel – Author, Wisdom Teacher, and Breakthrough Innovation and Leadership Expert


 “[A] glam spiritual activist” The Sunday Times

Nick is a 21st-century shaman who has helped over 50,000 individuals, hundreds of world-class organisations such as Disney, Nike, PlayStation and Pepsi, national governments and millions of TV viewers to ‘switch on’ and break through challenges. He co-founded his first company, a creative agency, aged 24, rapidly winning the global launch of Microsoft’s Xbox. He went on to initiate the creation of the world’s most successful TV show; and advise No. 10 Downing Street on innovation.

Nick has a triple First class degree from Cambridge University in medicine and philosophy and has taught at many of the best universities and Business Schools in the world. He is the founder of creative management consultancy and leadership development; and co-founder of wisdom, wellbeing and world-change media company, Both are run as social, conscious enterprises. He is a sought after inspirational speaker (most recently being invited to No.10 Downing Street to deliver a keynote); hosted a BBC TV series as a breakthrough coach working with addiction; and coached a celebrity on MTV’s highest-rated show in its history.