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Energetic Clearing

Inner Alignment Bodywork ( Burhan Gebhardt)

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Do you have a chronic problem with your body (funny hip, knee, back, etc)?  The fix can be simple and pragmatic.  Leave it to Burhan Gebhardt who works with an alignment process using body measurements, and a dowser.  Learn the importance of being grounded and how it can accelerate your spiritual path and help you navigate the world generally.

About our Guest: Burhan Gephardt- From today, I can look back onto an expansive career in the field of therapy, starting with my masters degree in psychology, followed by education and practice in Kinesiology, Yoga teaching and Systemic Family Constellations. I have also worked in personnel development and personnel selection in different sectors of the industry.

At present, I mainly work in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with the Inner Alignment.

Following the long-lasting execution of methods and techniques to enhance health and the development of the human being, I am now grateful to be able to do the work of the Inner Alignment, where the unique essence of each person is addressed in one sacred moment.

The way I understand my work is to create a space in which the impulse and energy of the Inner Alignment can affect a person as a whole and can therefore facilitate healing and transformation.

Show Highlights:


  • I really have to say it was the most profound, immediate, and beneficial healing experience that I have had to date, or that I remember, and I don‘t say that lightly because I have tried out many healing modalities, and am learning some myself. I felt that I could relax in my body totally, and this was profound to know again what that felt like. It was a much needed imprint to what I could see as close to my original state. In my experience it was a treatment of a spirit level that affected the emotional and physical levels of the body. Timeless.  Ann S. , 30, Seattle (USA)
  • The alignment has in fact aligned me! It starts with my back and continues through to having more courage in my life and a stronger standing for myself and my beliefs in life. Things have changed considerably to the better in a truly short time!  Maria L., 42, Hamburg (Ger)
  • At first the back pain was a lot stronger than before the I.A., but after a while it disappeared at once. Ever since I am free of pain, which for me feels like paradise, because this pain accompanied me since I was 19 years old. Lisa F., 40, Basel (CH)
  • The energy of the Inner Alignment is still intensely present within myself, even after weeks have passed. My indulging Self seems to have disappeared all of a sudden. I do sports, I keep a diet, I have ceased drinking alcohol altogether and I am inwardly very quiet…” Briant. R, 48, artist, Vienna (A)
  • For years I had severe knee problems. At the beginning of the session Burhan diagnosed a difference in leg lengths as the main cause for my knee problems. What then happened was beyond any explanation, but surely my legs had levelled out and after a very short time the pain in my knee had left me. Until today I have not had any problems with my knees and for this I am very grateful to Burhan. To summarize the Inner Alignment: I cannot explain it, but it works! Theo., 35, Freiburg (Ger)
  • Since my treatment I have less aches and pains in my back hips and knees. I am able to walk upstairs without holding on to the handrail. My husband noticed a change in me as soon as I came home which was surprising since I don‘t think he believes in such treatments. I still don‘t know what you did apart from some hochuspochus (a joke ) But as the saying goes: if it works do it! Thanks a lot.Saundra W., Rüschlikon (CH))
  • I feel strongly connected to the ground, have a way different body awareness and I cannot believe how easy it can actually feel carrying myself with straight posture – effortlessly. Psychologically I have experienced some severe changes, not only do I feel way more peaceful in my life but also some personal challenges have been ‚aligned‘…Eva Maria K., 34, Seattle (USA)