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Consciousness & Awakening

Letting go of ego (Paul Selig)

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How can you be the master of your own life?  What is involved in letting go of ego? What are the ways our small self (ego) limits our ability to see heaven on earth? The Book of Mastery asks us to claim our Divine Selves.  How can claiming who we truly are improve our lives and shift the consciousness on the planet?

All excerpts in this blog post are from The Book of Mastery written by Paul Selig

Selig, P. (2016). The book of mastery: A channeled text (Vol. 1, Ser. 3). NYC, NY: TarcherPerigee.

What is the Divine Self?

“The Divine in each being is the aspect of the Creator that is instilled in each being at the inception of its soul.  There is nothing within you that cannot be informed by the Divine within you.  There is no aspect of your life that can be left outside of it once you understand what it is, And if you know this to be so, you will know that it is so in every being you ever encounter.  As you realize yourself in this way- “I know who I am” as a Divine being as a Divine Being, “I know what I am” in this life that I live, “I know how I serve”, which means how you are expressed in your True Self and highest nature- you life the world before you to its own realization of its Divine worth.”  P 34

“The Divine as you has created experiences for you here that you wish to unfold for you to know yourself through, but in order for this to come into being fully, you have to claim it. “I am here. I am here, I am here” is the claim of the Christ as you, who has the alignment already to call into the manifestation the journey she requires to learn and grow through. The division you know yourself as- “I am a woman.” “I am an accountant”. “I Am happy”—the ways of naming the self are always, in some ways, in opposition to something else.  When you call yourself one thing, it implies that you cannot be the other.” p88

Video: Who, What, How, and Why of Embracing your Divine Self?

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0:47 Paul describes his process of creating The Book of Mastery.
2:25 How does The Book of Mastery fit within the entire series of Paul Selig’s books?
3:20 How does the attunement work with Paul’s books?
3:46 What does it mean to say “I’m here”?
4:06 How do we bring our consciousness into creating the world?
5:18 Why the Divine Self needs to show up to create a new reality?
6:00 What will happen when our Divine Self shows up? What happens when we claim what we REALLY are?
6:39 Why calling in our Divine Self helps us perceive at a higher level (the Kingdom, which is the divine in all manifestation)?
8:05 Why do we come on earth forgetting that we are Divine?
8:45 What is the collective agreement we made before coming to Earth to be separate?
9:41 Why do we forget our Divine selves?
10:41 Why getting into the vibration of the Divine Self is important?
11:06 How does Paul view his role as a channeler?
11:43 How do the attunements work?
14:15 How has Paul integrated these teachings into this life?
20:40 How does Paul get challenged with the teachings?
21:14 What can we do with the fears that come up with living in accordance with our Divine Selves?
28:54 How do you move from the small self to the Divine Self by choosing to align with the Divine self?
31:13 How do you align to the Divine Self in vibration?
31:44 What does this statement mean” I know who I am , I know what I am, I know how I serve”? I am the aspect of the creator, I know what I am in manifested form, and I know how I am most fully expressed as who and what they are.
32:26 Why does our history and the structures we create harm us?
33:01 What happens when Paul channels?
35:42 Where is the Divine self located? Is it within us? Or outside of it?
37:20 How can we be conscious with what we are truly manifesting with our desires and wishes?
37:50 Why does the Divine Self know better than the small self what is in our highest interest?
38:49 How can we be aware of the harmful societal messages that we have unconsciously agreed to?
38:45 What does this mean “Freedom will come when the throne relinquishes its King”? The small self rules the small kingdom and creates our consensus reality, whereas the Divine self operates in a higher dimensional reality. The small self cannot enter the Kingdom, only the Divine Self can enter the Kingdom. How manifesting your Divine Self will allow you to bare witness to the truth.
40:20 How does the small self work and how is it different than my Divine Self?
40:54 How does one still have a normal life with a job and mortgage and still connect with the Divine Self?
45:02 What our real challenge is, is to show up and be willing to find out what this all is?
46:25 How do we know where we are asked to serve? How being authentically ourselves is the best way to serve? Why service is not judged as good or bad?

What is the false self?

“The attendance to the True Self will require you to look at your lives, you lives being those things that you created, and investigate, in a certain way, why you made them.  What aspect of you was deciding for you?  And how you can attend to them, these choices you have made in time prior, will be brought to you through this teaching as we give it to you.

The Divine exists with each of you and it is beautiful, and the true radiance of your beauty cannot shine forth when you mistake yourself for the mask, you wear.” P95

“You have things you have been born into, and things you have acclimated to, and habitual behaviors are ways of knowing the self that you have decided are part of who you are.  And you may change what you like, yes, but the abandonment of the false self, or, we would say, the small self, is not a true act.  The small self, or the personality self, is very useful still, as an aspect of who and what you are, so that you may know yourself in the consort of this plane.  What actually happens to the small self through this process is that she is aligned to her true nature, and the reidentification of the self in her glory is what transforms her world.” P101

What happens once we merge with our Divine Self?

“You are reawakening the self to its service and purpose by acknowledging it has the True Self as you, and the claim “I am here, which will in your life as you say “Yes”.  You we have a few things to teach you still about what you don’t need. You do not need the approval of others, you do not need to tell yourself you’re not worthy of it, and you do not require yourself to pinch yourself in the awakening.  “I must know this is a manifested way in order to rust it as so”.  You must understand that the vibration that we work with, while palpable to most and available anytime, in not a parlor trick, and the frequency you required to operate through, gifted to you by the Divine Self that you are, is what is most important.” P61

“The token we gave you is not only an emblem.  It is a manifestation of our vibration aligning to you to support you on your own journey.  Your own journey, we say, will not be codified by us because you all incarnate for different reasons. ..Each lifetime has a map attached to it.  Now this is not a directive map, but it is a map of the things you require to manifest, or encounter yourself through, to bring you to the next station of consciousness. This does not mean bad things befall you. If you have a list of things you must know, or reencounter, or learn anew in a lifetime, the Divine Self as you will call into being that which is required to make it so.

But we are telling you now that as the Divine Self calls us into purview her manifestation, the ways that you learn, the lessons you agree to learn, may come in very different ways.  The trajectory of each lifetime, while it is known by you on a true level, the outline, perhaps of what may be known as gifted to you at the conception of each life may be known, but eh vibration you hold, in many ways, informs you the teaching will come.

When you are operating in low vibration you must call things to you that are in accord with that frequency.  The action of fear, as we have taught you, is to create more fear, and when you are operating in fear and you claim fear, that becomes your teacher until you decide otherwise.  When you move into the frequency of the light, or the Christed Self, as it is manifested as you, what it will call to you will be what it requires.  The lessons may be the same, you see, but you may learn to cook a cake in the gutter, or in a fine kitchen, it really depends on what you hold as your frequency? “ p63-64

How to deal with fear?

The guides offer a mantra or attunement that you can say during these times, “I’m setting the intention to align my field in the vibration of truth”.

“The energy field that you hold and the consciousness self that is informed by that, moves into an agreement that you may hold the vibration of truth.  And those things that are not in truth, that are operating in fear masquerading as something else, that are operating in knowing of your own worth but not in alignment to its own truth in the highest way, will be brought into an understanding for you.  And this is very good news.  The truth of who you are, the Divine Self as you, can hold no fear. “ p65

“ …as you trespass on your own fears, you will be encountering yourself through those creationg that are emply there to shepherd you forward.  Do not say, “Oh my dear, there’s a lion-time to go back to the base of the mountain where lions don’t exist?” Simply understand that you have called the lion into being to be in encounter with the fear so you may understand it, bless it, if you like, integrate the change that comes when you encounter the fear, and then go on your merry way upward.” P183

“Every fear you hold, finally, is a fear of self.  There can be nothing within you that does not correspond to something outside of yourself, so the projected fears that you hold are actually tethered to you by your own need to be afraid. As we cut these little cords, as we align you beyond them, you integrated the self.  Those aspects of you that required fear to stay safe, that believed you needed to be alive fully, will be assessed by you and be decided upon you.

“What do I do with this fear? What do I do with this pain?  What do I do with this life I no longer wish to live? “ You offer it to the altera to be bathed in light to be christened in a new way so you can progress..” p185. 6

Why forgetting our Divine Self hurts us?

“The crises you all face on this planet right now is entirely based on the diminishment of the human life. You have all decided that one life is worth more than another and those who believe a certain thing have a right to do this or that while those who believe otherwise may deserve what they get.  In order to do this, what you have to do is actually sacrifice the sanctity of the human being, and a life is only sacred if you can believe that there is something that makes it so.” P 34

“The crisis is a crisis of separation and the initiate separation, which is man’s sense of self in separation from it’s Source, is the basis for all separation”.  P35.

“There is no agreement, when you are born, that you should be separate.  Do you understand this? You are acclimating to it. You are taught to be afraid, you are taught to be defended.  It is not a natural state.  The natural state is to be in union.”

Why our attachments to our personality, lifestyle, and beliefs limit us?

“The purview you have in the material plane is what you know yourself through, those very things that you encounter on a daily basis that affirm the structure that your personality has created to know herself though. She claims her identity in everything she sees because, as we have said before, she sees is a reflection of her own consciousness.  The meaning things have, anything, have been invested in by her based on what she was taught.” P 38

“And the Kingdome of the Divine Self, the landscape that she exists in, is vastly different (than the material plane), because she identifies in love, in value, in agreement with the worth of who and what she knows herself to be, and she will not be defied.  She has no need to know who she is in valued through her creations.  She understands that what she sees before her is a manifestation of consciousness and therefore, can become malleable.  But she does not invest in the identity that will appease a cultural dictate, or a family value, or a need to be seen in a certain way.” P39

Should we just let go of practical things?

“Never thing for a moment that we teach you to abandon the things of this world because that has never been our teaching.  But the attachment to the material realm as your safety, as the thing you need the most, simply anchors you more to this level of vibration. You all nee ford, it is something from the material realm that is required to serve you in the physical form you stand in. You need a home, a place to rest, you need to bathe, you need to care for the boy you are in.  These are all things you are accountable to, and they are of this realm, but when you mistake these things for the Kingdom, you mistake yourself and the small self, perhaps for the Divine being.” P219

How can we deal with our judgments of others?

“You cannot pretend you see with the eyes of Christ when you want to hit somebody in the nose. .. You don’t have to like anybody, you see.  This is not about personalities.  It is about trust that will always be. “I see the one before me with the eyes of Christ” lifts the one before you in her vibration to the perception you are claiming. You are giving an enormous gift.  This is not a test to see ho evolved you are… Here is what it is: a great and deep awareness of the inherent worth in all life.

The sacrilege you know yourself through is the debasement of life, that one man is worth good and another is not.  That one man may live well, and another should not, and some may choose love and some deserve hate. You must all understand that this is an equalizer; “ I see the one before me with the eyes of Christ” is a lifting to truth, and truth, we say, is eternal.

The one you see before you is always Divine.  She may not be living a life you don’t agree with, would choose to forget, but she still has the right and because she does, because she has the right to be she is, as she is, a Dvine Being”. P149

“As you align to the Christed Self, as the one who sees, you no longer decide what is good for the next person.  You have no right unless it’s your child, or you have been called to care take for someone who cannot choose for themselves what is the high way for the next one, or one after that.

Each man is given jurisdiction of her choices and her right to choose. There are many roads up the mountain and as there should be, there are different ways of moving up and beyond what you have known as a physical reality.  The Christ as you becomes your teacher and light, the road, the path that you will take, but each many may know herself, himself, on the trek through her own aspect of this aspect of the Divine that is your teacher.” P165

What is heaven?

“Most of you assume heaven is someplace you go when you die.  IT is simply a level of vibration that the spiritual form knows itself through and when the physical self passes away, the small self, if you wish, is diminished and the true nature of the self is actually reborn, or knows herself again in the other dimension that she was always in, in a certain way, but that is one field, and there are levels of awareness beyond this.  The Kingdom of Heaven, as we teach it, is always present, may be known now and after you pass and elsewhere as well. It is here, it is here, it is here.” P84

What is time?

“When a group of people… or conscious beings decide things and go into an agreement, you create a structure.  And time, in many ways is the way you structure your experience as you exist here.  This isnot the only pace you exist int.  When you go into a dream you are actually existing in a higher dimension and there is no time in dreams, so you have an awareness of this already.  Time is a construct of the physical plane. You know yourself in time because it’s how you’ve chosen to know yourself and you have given yourself ways of delineating time that support the shared agreement. Time is a construct.  It is neither good nor bad. IT is shared agreement of how you exist on this plane.” P 85