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Why select My Whole Life?

Our unique blend of business consulting and life coaching recognizes that life doesn’t offer a clean separation between your work and personal life.

  • Life Coaching: Business consultants have tools, strategies, and a process, but lack the objectivity and emotional intelligence for handling personal issues.  Our coaching approach, and training in Neuro Linguistic Programming and conflict management helps you understand the human side of the equation
  • Business Consulting: Life coaches may lack the rigor, acumen, and analytical skills for business issues.  My Whole Life combines traditional business training (MBA) with 20 years experience in several functional areas and a variety of industries.

What this means in practice is that we can advise you on business issues relevant to your work and provide coaching to address the human side of the equation.

Learn more about CJ Liu, her values, and her experience.

Life Coach, Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Personal Success Coaching, Seattle, WA, nationwide

Develop your inner guru. Get expert advice on:

✓ Being happy and present
✓ Developing healthy habits
✓ Living and working with purpose and meaning
✓ Making the world a better place

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