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Women Issues

Makeup Tutorials: Letting you inner beauty shine

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Make up artist Chris Scott shares trade secrets on how to do makeup that lets our authentic inner and outer beauty shine via these make up tutorials.

He unveils the same fundamental design principles used to train other make up artists.

Learn the winning techniques tested on thousands of faces from models to housewives.

Makeup Tutorials

How Do We Let Our Authentic Beauty Shine?

VIDEO LINKS (minute/second in video):

  • 1:30How can make up uncover our authentic beauty?
  • 3:01How make up can reduce distractions and enhance our attractions?
  • 4:07What are distractions? Distractions are features that someone notices before they notice you (e.g.- reddish or dark coloring on the face). Also, see heart of face.
  • 5:25How did Chris Scott create and codify his design principles?
  • 14:57What is make up used for? Why 2 mirrors are needed to test your authentic beauty?
  • 16:30How is Chris’s approach different from other cosmetic approaches? Traditional cosmetics aim to showcase artistry and make up for make up sake.
  • 18:19What do you want people to focus on when you are talking to them? Would you want your friend or prospective client to focus on your eye shadow, lipstick, or you and what you’re saying?
  • 19:59How do you align with their inner and outer self? Chris’s patent pending technique focuses on working with understanding your anatomy.
  • 22:14What are the different styles of make up? Natural make up, balanced make up, and dramatic make up. In order to understand color intensity, the color on your lips should be in sync with your hair and eye color. When the color intensity is in sync, the make up becomes less noticeable.
  • 24:21What is a trend look? A trend look is when you make someone notice one part of your make up more than anything else: cat eye, red lips, and rosy cheeks.

Skin: How to Apply Makeup: Tips on Foundation and Correctors?

VIDEO LINKS (minute/second in video):

  • 5:52 What is the Heart of your Face? It’s not about having a heart-shaped face, but focusing on the “heart of” everyone’s face, which are the eyes and lips. The key is to illuminate or spotlight the main attraction on a person’s face.
  • 8:36What are correctors? How are they different than concealers? Concealers hide imperfections behind the make up. Correctors neutralize the skin’s imperfections like dark circles under the eyes or reddish spots on the face. Correctors are best for certain pigmentations: light and light medium balances well with pink and green; medium and dark complexions balance well with yellow and orange. Correctors help create a vaulted look on a face by directing and reflecting light and attention toward the heart of the face. Go to to buy corrector designed by Chris Scott.
  • 29:51What is contouring? Contouring assimilates the effect of shadowing. The heart of the face is isolated with the use of correctors to create a border around that area. This “vault of light” helps you create the boundaries of your contouring. You want the contour to extend from the side of your face to the edge of your mouth. The darkest shadow should be on the outside and diminish towards your mouth or “the crest”, where the shadow falls.
  • 33:14 Why should you use straight lines versus curved lines when applying make up? Our face is 3 dimensional so a straight line on a curved surface will maximize the energy on your face.
  • 35:29How can you correct dark circles around the eyes? Using a corrector, create straight lines on the face to shift light upward and outward. Chris describes how a corrector is used for most of the neutralizing with a ratio of 80% corrector and 20% foundation.
  • 39:29Fingers or brushes: Which is better for applying foundation? Foundation is needed to go on top of the corrector. A foundation brush makes sure that the light is spread evenly and in the same direction.

Makeup Artist: Trade Secrets

VIDEO LINKS (minute/second in video):25:06  Creating a look is not about the amount of make up you use, but the intensity of the colors that creates the different looks.

  • 25:36 & 29:47 BEST TIP EVER for finding the right lipstick colors?
  • 26:45How do you pick the best colors for you? Your routine and personal style will help you choose the right colors. For example, if you like to wear colors that have a cool undertone, then you will want to find a lipstick hue with the same essence.
  • 41:53Chris and CJ talk about Paul’s Book The “Heart of the Face”, his make up line, his videos and why the make up artists he trains can make anyone beautiful with these techniques.
  • 48:41Chris talks about his upcoming TeleSummit