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Relationship Advice

Sex after 50 (Dr. Pepper Schwartz)

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sexy seniorsHow do you keep love and affection alive? What does a healthy and renewed sex life look like when you are middle aged? Learn how you can keep sexa after 50 alive and thriving.

About our Guests:

Dr. Pepper Schwartz is Professor of Sociology at the University of Washington in Seattle. She holds a B.A. and an M.A. from Washington University in St. Louis, where she was a Woodrow Wilson Fellow, and an M.A. and Ph.D in Sociology from Yale University.

As the industry’s leading relationship expert, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Ph.D, has created the Personality Profiler, similar to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator®, exclusively for the committed adults seeking long-term relationships on As the most effective and sophisticated leading-edge romantic matching tool on or off the internet, the Personality Profiler significantly helps Perfectmatch’s members to identify their significant other’s “Similarity Factors” and “Complimentary Factors,” which will ultimately lead them to finding their perfect match.

Dr. Schwartz has received many awards, including the 2005 American Sociological Award for the Public Dissemination of Information, the Matrix Award for Achievement in Education and the International Women’s Forum Award in Career Achievement in Washington State. She is the author of 14 books, including many popular books such as: The Great Sex Weekend, The Lifetime Love and Sex Quiz Book, Everything You Know About Love and Sex is Wrong and Ten Talks Parents Must Have With Their Children About Sex and Character with Dominic Cappello, 201 Question to Ask Your Kids / 201 Questions to Ask Your Parents (Avon/Morrow).

Dr. Schwartz wrote the monthly column “Sex and Health” for Glamour Magazine, with coauthor Dr. Janet Lever, for more than seven years, and “Talking About Sex” for 8 years for American Baby Magazine. She also wrote a weekly column called “Sex.Net with Dr. Pepper” for Microsoft Corporation’s One Click Away.

Dr. Schwartz has contributed to many magazines, journals and newspapers including the New York Times “Parent and Child” column, Sexual Health, Psychology Today and Contexts. Dr. Schwartz was a regular member of the KIRO-TV (Seattle) news staff for twelve years and appears regularly on national TV news, documentaries and other programs. She is the author of more than 40 scholarly articles and has served as a consultant to many national organizations. Dr. Schwartz lectures nationally and internationally on relationship topics, women’s issues, parent and child issues, communication between men and women in intimate and work relationships, and maintaining personal and family well-being in today’s world.

Show Highlights:

  • Dr. Pepper Schwartz shares information on the life cycle of sex and how your sex life will change each decade.
  • Do our kids still have myths, fear and ignorance about sex and relationships? What Pepper believes are the true causes of teen pregnancies?

Show Highlights

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Check out the following websites and podcasts to get you on your path:

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