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Alternative Healing

The science and serenity of sound

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Sounds bombard us from the start of the day with our alarm clocks, to the beeping grinding traffic, and then to conversations at work and home.  Have you ever stopped and considered the effect these sounds have on our mind, body, and spirit especially when vibrating in a body made up mostly of water?  Dissonant sounds like the construction jack hammer next to our office window remind us of the ill effects of sound.  But, what about healing sounds? During our radio show we’ll experiment and have fun with sounds and discuss the potential transformative power of sound and healing power of your own voice.

Show Highlights: 

Part 1 (2:30-2:45)- The power and possibilities of sound for healing and awakening.

Part 2(2:45-3:00)- Merging sound with intention and getting an experiential sense of sound in our own bodies

About our guest: 

Singer • Songwriter • Poet • Musician • Artist • Gardener • Builder • Country woman • Crochet Artist • Seamstress• Gemstone Beader • Drummer • Dancer • Bell Ringer • Song Singer • Seeker of Wisdom, Inspiration, Peace • Lover of horses, music, women, organic food, small tiny things, nature, crisp apples, country living, wood heat, sacred geometry, quantum physics, herbal medicine, fabric, fairies, frequency, family,

Known in the world for many years as Mimi Baczewska, Mosa re-invented herself after surviving “the pause that refreshes.” Now in refresh mode, she has taken the name Mosa which reflects the meaning “active knowing.”


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