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Healing- Mind, Body, Spirit (Kent Smith)

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white lights magicThere are so many ways for healing from past traumatic events and emotional baggage to occur.  One of the keys is to understand is that the pain can originate anywhere starting in the mind, body, or spirit, but that regardless of where it starts, we feel it all over because it’s all connected.  As a result healing can also happen at all levels (energetically, spiritually, or mind).  Check out the below article from my upcoming guest, Kent Smith, for more insight.

Based on my personal experience, the hardest part in healing these painful experiences is being aware that they exist in the first place.   One of my early detection tools is a personal story that I seem to repeat over and over again even when the story only tangentially fits with the context of the discussion.  Another tool is noticing when a negative emotion is expressed (anger, guilt or shame, etc) in a way that is out of scale with the crime committed.  The most effective detection tool is meditation, and tuning into my mind, body, and spirit.

Some times the pain we feel is as a result of someone’s unexpected death and discussions we never had, or wanted to have, but never had the courage to talk about. Our upcoming guest on Wed (3/27) at 1:00-1:30PST,  Kent Smith, had those feelings when her boyfriend was killed in a an accident.  Her healing and peace came through her mind now understanding the mysteries of death.  Join us to find out more about her journey and what she has learned about death and living life more fully.

Blog Post from our Guest

When one thinks of healing, they immediately think of bodily health but today we know that we have more than one body. For one, we have an etheric or energy body that extends out a few feet from our physical body, though both are tightly intertwined in this fabric of life. And truthfully, this is not new information. As an example, we are told in the Christian Bible:

It is sown a natural body; it is raised a spiritual body. There is a natural body and there is a spiritual body.           1 Corinthians 15:44

So essentially, this spiritual body is one we’ve known about for quite some time. The natural body is the one we shed when we make the transition called death. But while we have it as a vehicle, it’s best we take good care of it.

Our health, or lack thereof, actually begins at the energy level of being. While we exist in this dimension of duality, it’s important to know that any dis-ease not healed in the spiritual body—or our heart, mind, and soul—will eventually find its way into the physical body. Hence, the need to heal our minds of negative thoughts and our hearts filled with painful emotions. And, how is this done? We must follow the sound advice, “Know Thyself,” from Socrates, one of our greatest philosophers. Knowing ourselves, hence understanding our own being, keeps us aware. Being aware lets us know when our mind and body are out of tune—which also comes with the responsibility to keep it in tune as with any other beautiful instrument. For every positive emotion, there is its opposite negative emotion, such as love and hate. Living in the world of opposites and walking a tight rope between them is not always an easy task.

When a thought comes into the mind, in this dimension, there are a few seconds of delay before a positive or negative emotion impacts the physical level. An analogy might be the delay in communication from the moon during the Apollo days when it took a few seconds to communicate with Mission Control in Houston. Another example is the time it takes to actually feel the pain when you accidently cut your finger. Why is this important to know? Because it’s during this short time, that we can actually change our thoughts due to the slower vibrations in this dimension. Now, you might not be able to keep a cut finger from eventually feeling the pain, but a negative thought can quickly be altered if you pay attention to what you are thinking. We have the mind of ego, the one necessary to have the human experience. However, the ego is very limited in its thinking; many times it only operates on fear. In fact, it was designed to protect us, so it is ever on guard. As with anything, all must be kept in balance. And because of this, we can sometimes go through life in a reactive mode instead of being consciously active, awake and aware in our thinking.  We know that reacting to life’s experiences in a positive way brings about feelings of harmony and well-being. And reacting to thoughts of negativity can bring about feelings of anxiety and frustration.

During our lifetime, the ego will try to protect us by pushing painful words or embarrassing experiences deep into the subconscious. It’s not until we are forced to look at these thoughts and experiences that we may see a totally different perspective than we once had; and a new perspective of understanding can help to let go of negative thoughts. The universe reflects back to us what is in need of healing. For example a mother’s angry words to her son might come from a place of fear for her son’s life, due to his choices being made. But until the son understands the anger behind the words (fear for her son’s life that she loves so), the son may harbor ill feelings and frustration himself. If neither is able to verbalize why they each feel the way they do, the pain or energy may be left to dissipate on its own and linger for some time. Meanwhile, these unpleasant thoughts can create more unpleasant feelings or illness downstream. In most cases, forgiveness is the key, not just for others but for us.  And if we can become less judgmental of those around us, we become more observant beings knowing that we can’t possibly see life through everyone’s eyes, nor did we manifest here on Earth to have the same experiences. And observing is just being, being in tune with all nature where life flows easily and our thoughts create peace and abundance.

Great men are they who see that the spiritual is stronger than any material force—that thoughts rule the world.                            Ralph Waldo Emerson

 About our Guest

kentsmithKent received a Bachelor of Science degree from Murray State University, Murray, Kentucky, in 1976, with an emphasis in Social Work and Psychology.

As a NASA contractor for 22 years working for United Space Alliance (USA), she held several technical support positions within the Mission Operations Directorate. While at USA, she coordinated flight operation review meetings for space shuttle flights; supported flights in real time as a backroom flight controller; and, coordinated flight crew procedures for International Space Station (ISS), expeditions both domestic and abroad. Currently, she works for Wyle, who is contracted to NASA, to provide support in the Human Heath and Performance Directorate. As an Operational Psychology Coordinator, she supports astronauts and their families prior to, and during, International Space Station (ISS) on-orbit crew expeditions.

On a personal note, Kent’s involvement with metaphysics started at a very young age when she started having out-of-body experiences (OBEs). With a curious mind, she has always questioned the reality of life itself and this experience we call “death.” Since her teenage years, she has sought answers about life through many sources. Upon finding that she could communicate regularly with her deceased loved ones, she set out to learn as much as she could about life from their perspective. Amazing answers were revealed and a story that should not be left untold.

Kent has three grown children and one grandchild. She lives in the suburbs of Houston, TX.

Kent’s passion is educating the world about reincarnation and has started a foundation called Universal Life Strings, which she hopes will help her do just that. Her first book Love Promised: A Future Life Revealed is the starting point of that journey for her.

You can access Kent’s FaceBook page at this link

Kent’s new column, Universal Life Strings, will appear on a regular basis in The New Era Times and it will deal with the dying process, death, and acceptance of reincarnation. Any questions or comments about her articles or her passions can be sent to her email.