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Business & Life Skills

The Secrets of Getting the Modern Work Force Motivated

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The modern workforce is made up of an eclectic mix that includes Millennials, GenX, and Baby Boomers.  Learn the secrets of how to keep your multi-generational employees engaged and motivated with expert Michael Lee.

About our Guest:

Shortly after finishing college Michael Lee spent 13 years as part of a unique entrepreneurial start up that took him to all 50 states in America, 4 continents, and three trips to the White House where on one occasion he met the President. He developed creative recruiting and hiring practices and brings that expertise to his current venture. Michael has been the owner of Express Employment Professionals, a staffing and recruiting firm in Seattle since 2006. He is a fledgling triathlete and world class yoyo performer.

Show Highlights:

  • Segment 1: Millenials: How to get hard working Millenials to put in the hours at work while still getting 40 hours of their online time in? Find out the values, and how to manage and relate to this hopeful group.
  • Segment 2: Generation X: You’d be cynical too if you experienced the lives of Gen-X, the latch key kids who grew up with cell phones, and PC’s.  Figure out how to motivate and relate to this group.
  • Segment 3: BabyBoomers:  The largest group in the workforce made up mostly of workaholics with no work-life balance.  How do you work with these folks?
  • Segment 4: Traditionalists: Yes, they are still working.  They are the CEO’s and the Walmart Greeter.  Understand the virtues and challenges of working with this group.  Also, get an update on what’s happening with the job market on the West Coast.