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Astrology,Tarot & Numerology

Numerology-Finding your dream job and your soul mate with your intuition (Sue Frederick)

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Learn the power of numerology to guide you to your dream job, your soul mate, or anything else you desire.  Sue Frederick uses your birth date as a gateway to figuring out both your ideal career, and your soul mate.  Through her intuitive skills she can gauge you pains, advice from your loved ones who have passed, and your greatest potential.


Show Highlights: 

  • Segment 1: Who am I? What is my path?  Your life path includes your career, your love relationships, and more.  Sue Frederick shares how she can intuitively tap into your life path and whether you are on it, or not, and how you can anticipate the next big change in your life.   Sue’s primary tool to tap into your life path is using the same tools used by mystics like Pythagoras- numerology.  Listen to Segment 1.
  • Segment 2: Am I with my soul mate?   Sue shares how to find your soul mate, how you may have many soul mates,  and how you know if you are with your one ultimate soul mate. Listen to Segment 2

About the author: 

Career Intuitive Sue Frederick’s work, described as a “breath of fresh air” and “an enlightened new perspective,” has been featured in The New York Times, Real Simple, Complete Woman, Woman’s World, Yoga Journal, Natural Health, The Denver Post, New York Metro, The New Orleans Times Picayune, and at venues like The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck New York and Loyola University in New Orleans.Combining a unique gift of powerful intuition and practical career know-how, Sue has been a guest on more than 200 radio shows and numerous TV shows including Bridging Heaven & Earth.Sue’s best-selling new book – I See Your Dream Job: A Career Intuitive Shows You How To Discover What You Were Put On Earth To Do published by St. Martin’s Press, has changed the lives of thousands of people around the world since its publication in September 2009. Hundreds of people show up at every book signing event, speaking gig and workshop – selling out her books, and waiting in line for hours to have a moment with Sue.