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Positive Parenting: Setting Boundaries with your Children with Allison Bottke

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CJ interviews Allison Bottke author of “Setting Boundaries with Your Adult Children” on how to use positive parenting. This is a 2 part series. Part 1 will discuss 2 of a 6 step program on how to set boundaries with your adult children. Why is it so important to set boundaries with your children? How do you know if you are enabling or helping your child in ways that harm them?

Positive Parenting: MP3 Interview with Allison Bottke

Positive Parenting: YouTube Interview with Allison Bottke

About Allison Bottke

Over 250,000 readers around the world have found hope, healing and encouragement in the Setting Boundaries® book series where I share my perspective on life as it relates to the boundary choices we make every day, choices that really can change the story of our life.

When we change ourselves, we can change a family, a generation, a community, and the legacy we leave behind.

When I made a U-Turn toward God as an adult in 1987, my life changed. With a desire to share the faith-filled hope and healing I was experiencing, I initially wrote God Allows U-Turns® as my life story—my testimony. However, the good Lord had other plans, and my first book became a global outreach dedicated to sharing true short stories from people around the world who were making bold, new direction choices, with God at the center of their lives—many who had overcome tremendous obstacles and triumphed over extreme adversity.