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6 Solutions to our Biggest Problems in the world

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Why are the viable solutions to the world’s biggest problems in the world (global warming, disease, and poverty) not being brought to market? How can changing our attitude about the future be one of the key ways of changing it?



Show Highlights:

  • Segment 1: Roger’s incredible journey of personal transformation and why he’s grateful that he was diagnosed with an incurable illness and as a result of his illness has died and come back to life 30 times.
  • Segment 2: How has the barrage of fear-based media negatively effected our desire to act?  Roger shares an insider’s look at the media world and why it’s important that we don’t give negative media the power to shape our outlook on the future.
  • Segment 3: Why are viable solutions to the world’s biggest problems unknown to the public? What are some simple shifts in attitude we could make that would make a world of difference?  Maybe, like Roger, you will move from protesting nuclear energy to being a proponent of it.
  • Segment 4: Roger describes which of the celebrated scientists, rock stars, and spiritual leaders he’s interviewed impacted on his life.  Step into the eyes of a photographer and the magic of capturing someone’s soul on camera.

TedX Video by our Guest

About Our Guest

Roger Ressmeyer, CEO, Photographer and Filmmaker (
Roger Ressmeyer is the Director and Producer of Visions of Tomorrow, a documentary feature film now in pre-production, as well as the Executive Director of the Visions of Tomorrow Foundation™.

Ressmeyer is also a world renowned photographer, speaker, filmmaker, entrepreneur, and digital rights pioneer defending the rights of visual artists. He has received multiple accolades throughout his career, the most recent of those include being named PhotoMedia’s 2012 Person of the Year (as seen in the Fall 2012 issue), which recognizes him for his exceptional artistic and business accomplishments, his tremendous leadership among colleagues in the motion picture and photo industries, as well as for his humanitarian efforts to advance the cause of scientific exploration, and promote solutions to the world’s social and environmental challenges.

Prior to starting VTF, his acclaimed Starlight Collection of over a half-million images taken while on assignment for National Geographic Magazine and other publications (including rare images obtained through privileged access to NASA projects), became the first major acquisition by Bill Gates’ Corbis Corporation. He has also served as VP, Strategy & Corporate Development for Getty Images, as President of PACA, the Picture Archive Counsel of America, and as Chief Executive Officer of Science Faction Images. You can view more of Ressmeyer’s work at

To stay connected with Visions of Tomorrow find Roger on Facebook at: