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Reduce refined sugar,flour, and fat in recipes (Dr.Deb Kennedy)

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eliminate sugar and fat in recipes


What happens when you combine 2 sticks of butter, 1 c flour, and cream cheese and fry the whole thing? You get Paula’s Fried Butter balls.  Are American’s on a death wish?  Join us as we talk to Dr. Deb Kennedy for some tips on how to take your favorite holiday recipes, make them still delicious, but slightly less decadent.

Show Summary

  • Segment 1:  How much can you lower sugar and butter in your recipes and not affect the overall taste? What are some substitutes for butter in recipes? What oils can you use instead of shortening? What to lower the amount of butter and substitutes or substitute refined sugar, flour, and butter in your favorite recipes and still have a delicious treat?
  • Segment 2: What are some great flour substitutes for gluten free folks?  How much whole wheat flour could you add without affecting a recipe?  What are some holiday favorites that even the pickiest kid would eat?

Blog Post by our Guest

Observations From Paris – 08/24/2013 (

I just returned from Paris (a two-decade dream in the making) and I was determined to discover why it is that “French Women Don’t Get Fat” and “French Kids Eat Everything”; two books that make quite the outrageous claims.  After observing the French for two weeks I saw certain behaviors that gave me some interesting insights. Based on my observations, and assuming for the moment that these authors’ claims are indeed true, these may be some reasons why the French manage their weight better:#1 There are no “Express Check Out” lines in grocery stores for those with 10 or less items. The French buy only what they need for the next meal. Most only buy a few items at a time.

#2 I did not see “Buy 1 liter of soda and get another for free” or “Buy 1 bag of chips and get the next half off” in the grocery stores I went into.

#3 I never saw the French walking around with a bottle of soda, juice, and vitamin water in their hand.  They consider eating and drinking in public rude.

#4 Eating and drinking happens when one takes the time to sit and eat and enjoy.

I don’t think it is so much the “what they eat” but the “how” that really makes a difference.  Can you imagine buying just what you needed for yourself or your family for that day? I know this can seem like a daunting task but if I “American-ize” this suggestion; how much better would our kids diet be if we (the parent) and they (the child) didn’t impulse buy because the deal on soda and chips was a great buy; what if we stuck to a grocery list for the ingredients we needed to make a weeks worth of meals. I think this would make a huge impact on our families diet.

About Our Guest

dr_debDr. Debbie Kennedy (Dr. Deb) is a pediatric nutritionist with 25 years of experience in the field. She has worked with both Yale and Columbia Universities, and has developed programs for some of the industry’s luminaries such as Dr. David Katz and Dr. Mehmet Oz. She currently runs

I consider myself a Food Shaman. What does that mean? It means that I have been tracking food my entire life and to be direct- food speaks to me. It either screams “life giving” or “no better than a piece of cardboard”. I have lived with being a sugar addict my entire life. It is the place I go when life gets crazy but the good news is that my health is my choice and “your health is your choice”! When I make unhealthy choices, I make sure the next dozen choices are healthy ones. If 80% to 90% of the food that goes in my mouth is healthy, I will be too.