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Sex Drive & Menopause

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An interview with OBGYN Dr. Barb DePree on enjoying sex during perimenopause and menopausal years.  Get the key information you need to have sexual health at midlife and beyond.  CJ interviews Dr. Barb about her book “Yes You Can”, which offers sound medical advice that will empower women to remain as sexually active as they wish for as long as they choose. Learn how can sex drive & menopause work together.

Sex Drive & Menopause – How to have Joyful Sex (Video)

During the interview with Dr. Depree CJ asks all the embarrassing questions you are too afraid to ask your doctor about.

  • Why sex education is important for middle age woman?
  • What are the things that happen to our bodies (vaginal wall, dryness, pain, lose desire) when we hit menopause that affect our sexual relations?
  • How do these all these changes affect our enjoyment of sex?
  • What to expect with sex during your transition through perimenopause and after menopause ? Does loss of estrogen affect all women in the same way?
  • What is patent vaginal tissue?
  • Why vibrators can be our new friends in bed?
  • What happens to our bodies if we aren’t engaging in sex that often? How often is it advisable to have sex to prevent these issues (or maintain patency)?
  • What are some ways to minimize vaginismus (pain during sex)?
  • What are vaginal moisturizers, lubricants, and oils? How do they work? When do you use them? Where do you use them? What can you experience if you use them?
  • What are ways we can maintain vaginal health? Ph balance, and kegels. (Kegletopia,Kegel exercise app, PC-fitness app).
  • When should we see the doctor? What solutions can the doctor offer?

Reducing Pain during Sex (vaginismus)


Dr. Barb Depree offers tips on choosing and using lubricants.

Moisturize your Vagina

Vaginal Dilators

Dr. prescribed estrogen



Dr Barb DePree- OBGYN, Menopause Practitioner of the yer, Founder of Middlesex MD

Dr. Barb DePree, M.D. has been a gynecologist and women’s health provider for almost 30 years and a menopause care specialist for the past ten. She was named the 2013 Certified Menopause Practitioner of the Year by the North American Menopause Society for “exceptional contributions” to menopause care. In particular, the award recognized the outreach, communication and education Dr. Depree does through MiddlesexMD and her work as director of the Women’s Midlife Services at Holland Hospital, Holland, Michigan.


In her practice, she sees women of her own generation, women who are more independent, educated, and assertive about their health than any generation before.

But you know what? Most of us are still reluctant to talk with our doctors about our sexual experiences.

And, as a doctor, I know that few medical practitioners receive the training they would need to help women—particularly those in menopause—with their sexuality.

But our generation is going through a big change. Sexual desire and function decrease with age in both sexes, and more markedly for women. Natural aging and hormonal changes slow down our sexual response, leaving some of us feeling we’ve lost of a vital part of our lives and relationships.

Misinformation about these normal changes, along with a lot of mystery about what is ‘expected’ sexual behavior at our age, can interfere with a couple’s ability to maintain a fulfilling sexual relationship.

So we have a puzzle. We want our sexual well-being, but we don’t know how, when, or who to ask for help. And the advice we go looking for often leads us into places we find uncomfortable, or may misguide us entirely.

I started MiddlesexMD, essentially, to share practice-tested, clinically sound information with women my age. We provide information and guides for working with your partner and caregivers; while we have a small team of writers, I review all content for medical accuracy. And we offer products that we’ve tried and know will help us work with the physical changes we are experiencing. Together, it’s a recipe for good sex at menopause and beyond.

I want this site to be a tasteful and comfortable environment where we can understand and explore, and perhaps even share tips for our optimal sexual health and pleasure.

MiddlesexMD receives its funding from private investors, many of whom are women who are over 40. We do not host or receive funding from advertising. Our team of medical colleagues, business women, writers and researchers, are dedicated to the idea of sexuality for life.