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Alternative Healing

What is Sound Healing? (Tryshe Dhevney)

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Tryshe Devney shares how sound healing works through entrainment and how it can bring us to peace and wellness through tuning us to the frequency of the earth. Plus, learn how to make sounds that will fine tune your chakras.

Click on the time stamps in bold to get quick 30-60 minute answers

What is Sound Healing?

0:35 What is sound healing?

How does sound healing work? How is your energy affected? What are the benefits?

1:00 How does sound healing work?
1:26 How can sound healing heal our ailments?
2:28 How does vibration and frequency work energetically?

11:49 How Tryshe cured Hepatitis C from sound?
12:15 How can you heal depressions, sleep disorders, and space cleaning? Any sound that brings you peace will achieve these goals.

14:25 How can you use striker to clear space?

16:43 How healing happens rapidly and how bowls can be used to clear the air?

What kinds of things can sound heal?

3:11 How our organs can get in balance through harmonics?
4:53 Why everything in our body is harmonics?

7:16 How sound can heal and harm you?

3 elements needed for effective sound healing

How did Tryshe cure her Hepatitis with sound? What are the 3 elements needed for effective sound healing?


How can you use sound to cure a cold, reduce stress, or feel more powerful and confident?


How long has sound healing been around? Healing in different cultures.

5:05 Why did the ancients see healing as a musical issue?
5:16 Why signing, dancing, and drumming healing?

What are all the forms sound healing may take?

7:43 What are all the different ways to produce sounds?
8:31 Which forms of sound work best?
9:02 What is the most important instrument to tune into?

Demonstration: How to heal your body with your voice/bowl?

10:35 Demonstration on how to use tones to affect your body.
10:50 Opening up your heart
11:42 How does the “ah” sound affect your brain and body?
12:53 Opening up your throat chakra (thyroid)
13:31 Demonstration of primal: Chakra tuning

20:59 Sound healing Meditation: Send sound with intention to someone who is having a hard time. I know you know what to do. You will find your way. All the answers are coming to you and you will know now.

How to Play a Bowl?

4:16 How to play the bowl?


How does long distance healing work? 

17:10 How Tryshe changed her mood during a recent negotiation she conducted over the phone?
19:20 How can you send sound healing over long distance?


How to find the right singing bowl for you?

0:16 What are crystalline bowls? How are they made? How do they work?
1:35 How each crystalline bowl carries a unique energy?
2:23 Listening to a bowl and how it resonates with you.

5:39 How a bowl may pick you? How certain bowls have different tones?
7:05 How a bowl can choose you?

7:46 How you buy a bowl selected by Tryshe (

9:30 How do the sounds of many bowls when played together create a binaural beats?

13:05 How are Tibetan bowls made? When is it used for healing?

15:26 What are unique characteristics of these crystalline bowls?


Which size bowl should you buy? What material works best for you?

9:00 How do big bowls sound differently than smaller ones?

10:38 When would you use a Tibetan singing bowl?
11:03 What do you use a Tibetan bowl for?

About Tryshe Dhevney – Musician, Sound healer, and Author

 Award-winning actor and director, Tryshe Dhevney has been honored by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and praised for her musical compositions and collaborations. A recording artist, voice specialist and Sound Healing expert, she is recognized as an authority in the field of vocal sound healing. Her work with movement and authentic voice expression has been acknowledged as ground breaking. Over the last 20 years, she has pioneered and refined a highly effective sound healing and toning technique called SoundShifting™.

Tryshe’s work and teaching have been inspired by her own personal healing journey from a near fatal illness back to complete health.  In May 2000,Tryshe’s doctors told her there was no longer anything they could do to treat her advanced hepatitis C and liver disease and advised her to “get her affairs in order.” Five months later, doctors were mystified when tests revealed she was disease-free. Tryshe had healed herself through the power of toning. She recently celebrated the eleven-year anniversary of a full recovery and her doctors now claim she is “cured.”

SoundShifting™, Tryshe’s method for whole body transformation, enables individuals to use their own voice to achieve remarkable results in their lives, and teaches simple techniques and attitudes that put revitalization within anyone’s grasp.  In addition to developing her highly acclaimed SoundShifting™ process for wellness, Tryshe also has created the nationally recognized Life Scripting Process, a method combining traditional theatre, recovery therapy and spiritual disciplines to achieve living art for social change. Her innovative peer-to-peer approach to addiction, prevention and education has brought her to the national stage once again.

Tryshe lives in Tucson, Arizona, with her best friend and husband, Tim, and their beloved cat, Calloway.  Author of the book SOUNDShifting: Your Personal Guide to Self-Healing with Sound, Tryshe enjoys sharing her personal story and describing the profound healing techniques which have impacted her life, and the lives of so many others.  She has produced four CDs featuring her chakra tones and technique, sound meditations and crystal bowl meditation music.  She lectures, leads workshops, and gives concerts nationally and internationally, designed to support others in generating their own healing tones to allow optimum health and well-being.

If you are interested in inviting Tryshe to present a concert or program for your institute, center or group, or interviewing her, please contact us with your request.


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