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Energetic Clearing

A Survival Guide to Protect Yourself from Energy Vampires

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Learn to recognize an energy vampires and how you can manage them.  Energy therapist shares some simple ways to keep yourself free of other people’s negative energy and rise to your true magnificent self.

A Survival Guide to Protect Yourself from Energy Vampires.

Every day, we are exchanging energy with people whether it’s from our morning bus ride, work meetings, or at home with our loved ones. Sometimes these exchanges can leave us feeling energized, happy, carefree, and excited to take on the world. Other times we may leave feeling depleted or depressed. In some instances our own life circumstances is to blame for these funky moods. However, we also tend to pick up negative emotions from others we’ve come into contact with. These transmitters can be anyone from our family to friends, or even strangers on the bus.

We generally embrace a positive, energetic exchange, like the excited and passionate energies shared at a football game. In fact, some people exude love, acceptance, and nurturance. A dear friend of mine is a psychotherapist and I’m always amazed at how strangers would uninhibitedly ask her for hugs. It’s awe inspiring how people willingly reveal to her their deepest fears. It’s all because they sense her candid energy, which has proven to be a guiding light for those in need.

In contrast, all of us can relate to the fussy person that always seems to be in the grocery store line, the whiner at work, or our Debbie Downer and Negative Nancy friends. These folks are inherently prone to devour our energy leaving us feeling depleted after connecting with them. Some of us may be resilient to these energy vampires, but those that are energetically sensitive have a tougher time. They can feel funky after just sleeping in a hotel, sitting in a chair, or by simply being in the same room as a stranger with lots of negative energy.

As a really sensitive person, I used to be fearful and wary of these exchanges. Consequently, my guard was in Homeland Security code orange status. Over time, I learned that these fearful states only attract more low vibration, or negative energy. During my interview with energy therapist Dewey Meyer, I was able to increase my understanding about energy to an even deeper level.

In the end, it’s important to realize that we’re all, in one way or another, an energy vampire to someone. This doesn’t mean that we should accept being a victim to those that are energy vampires. Instead we should be careful not to stand in judgment.

The guide below presents information from my interview with Dewey, my own personal experiences, and the best advice I could find from other folks along the path. This guide provides techniques to protect and calm your systems from internalized fear and realize that love is the ultimate protection.

3 steps –How to Avoid Being Drained by Energy Vampires

Here are a few steps to deflect energy vampires:

  1. Step 1: Understand the causes and types of energy vampires – This will help you learn how to detect their presence. Once you have a sense of the friends or family members that drain your energy, then it’s up to you to decide the best strategy to avoid, limit, or fortify your boundaries during an interaction.
  2. Step 2: Learn to know when an energy vampire has penetrated into you – Many spiritual practices describe another person placing an energetic hook from their energy field to yours. It’s important to know how to unhook these connections and stop the draining from occurring. (See below for Dewey Meyer’s process for unhooking an energy vampire).
  3. Step 3: Psychic Defense Strategies: Learn how to build up your immunity to negative energy by either keeping your energy vibrations high or by cleansing or breaking off the negative energy from your body and your surroundings.

How to Spot an energy vampire?

The term “energy vampire” comes from the idea of a person that sucks the life energy from you. Energy vampires may be your family, friends, clients, colleagues, teachers, neighbors, lovers, or even strangers. Those classified as an “energy vampire” are normal, goodhearted people. Often, energy vampires aren’t even aware that they have the capability to telepathically drain you of your energy .

Energy vampires feel empty as if a part of them is dead; they lack life energy. As a result, they desperately seize all of the resources they can get a hold of from others around them so that they can sustain themselves. This is typical behavior of a person that feels as if the whole world revolves around them. They lack empathy and are incapable of seeing things from another person’s perspective. Sadly, an energy vampire falsely believes that the only way to come back to life and have their needs met is to feed off of the life energy from those around them.

According to Dr. Bruce Goldberg and Jen Nicomedes Stone, there are many types of energy vampires. Below are a few.

the Sexual type

A form of psychic vampirism happens through sex when the partner feeds off of the sexual energy projecting from someone else.

The Paranoid Type

Paranoia is a result of those who have been betrayed. The typical profile of a paranoid type is someone who lacks trust and is prone to fight with others and blame someone else for their problems.

Ethereal types

Super sensitive and withdrawn, the ethereal type feel ungrounded in their bodies and distant from the world.  They are generally indifferent people that find no interest in interacting with others.

The Insecure Type

The insecure type comes across as helpless individuals that like to pull you down to their level of low self-esteem. Their main issue is a generalized sense of inadequacy and a fear of rejection and abandonment. They insist you do things for them and expect for you to take care of their every need.

The Passive-Aggressive Type

Passive aggressive folks want to do things their way and don’t like being controlled or having their space infringed upon. Freedom is a high value for them. They live in the now, and never plan or think about the future. Despite valuing freedom, passive-aggressive types lack autonomy and are constantly involving other people in their lives. Often passive aggressive will make requests of help, but when you give them advice you’ll find that most of your suggestions will be wrong and that you are of no help to them.

The Robot Type

Robot types are inauthentic or “not real”. Their façade is seemingly unflawed and beautiful as the appearance of perfection is their main goal. They never complain about the world because appropriateness and being “politically correct” are more important than being real.

Source:  Summary of various types of energy vampires found at :

The guilt tripper

The guilt tripper uses shame and guilt as a way to get what they want.

And more types…Green with Envy/ Fun Haters/ Whiners, debbie Downer, Gossipers, and Drama Queens.

How do you know if you’ve been attacked?

Here are some ways to test whether you have been attacked energetically:

  • After an encounter with an energy vampire you will likely feel exhausted, unfocused, bored, irritated, stressed, anxious, threatened, overwhelmed or depressed. Sometimes you may feel this after just a few moments in that person’s presence.
  • If you are particularly vulnerable and empathic, you may feel ill after an exchange with an energy vampire.
  • You will find yourself in the sort of funk that prevents you from being able to think of a logical reason for feeling that way.
  • You may feel a forced and sudden emotion of feeling (e.g.-anger, sadness, etc.)
  • You may be thinking of someone all of a sudden and start feeling depressed.


Psychic Defense Strategies Against Energy Vampires

Just like any predator, energy vampires want easy targets with bountiful energy and weak defenses. As such, it’s important to keep your defenses up if you find yourself in the company of an energy vampire. The best way to do this is by staying centered, grounded, and connected with positive thoughts. In the energy world, like attracts like.  Pulsating at a lower vibration will make you a prime target for an energy vampire. Alternatively, higher vibrations will deter an energy vampire from being able to drain you. In the end, the highest vibration is love.

Here are some other ways to keep your defenses up and in a higher vibration:

  • Moving energy around through Yoga or Meditation
  • Keep thoughts positive
  • Get into nature
  • Keep your body healthy: Eat, sleep, exercise.
  • Place energetic bubbles around you, but watch your thoughts as these bubbles have a mixed result. Find out more here. (
  • Say an affirmation – I like the one below that was offered by one of my guests, Paul Selig (see more about Paul

“I now set the intention to align my frequency up the highest level and octave available to me in my consciousness at this time. And I set the intention that I will monitor my consciousness through my feelings and through my expressions as the day goes on, so that I may be come accountable to my experience as an energy being operating in consciousness and through frequency.” P40


How to unhook an energy vampire?

You may find that despite all your efforts to fend off an energy vampire, you still end up feeling drained by one. It’s possible that someone has literally hooked into your energy. The best way to remove this type of issue is by removing the energetic connection between yourself and the energy vampire.

VIDEO: Here’s a demo of a technique you can use to unhook and disconnect from an energy vampire.

Keeping your energy good and clean

Another way to maintain your positive energy is through offensive tactics where you take an active role in breaking up and removing negative energy from your body, mind, and spirit. If you are energetically sensitive with a lower buffer zone when connecting to others, then you may want to try the below techniques for keeping your energy clean and avoiding contact with negative energy.

VIDEO: Energy therapist, Dewey Meyers, explains why some people are more prone to energy vampires and what they can do to protect themselves generally. While the best solution is to remain in a high vibration, the techniques below can help your conscious mind enforce and create a sense of safety.

  • Avoid the person who is an energy vampire.
  • Set boundaries via a Protective shield.
  • Pull the energy off of you after an encounter.
  • Take deep breaths and on the exhale breathe out the negative energy.
  • Wash off negative energy in your shower. Imagine water coming through your crown chakra as golden light and moving through and around your body, touching all your cells and washing all the negative energy away.
  • Take a sea Salt bath (1 cup in the tub) and if you like add some essential oils.
  • Use sage. Sage comes in various forms: Clary Sage (good for emotional issue) or sage officinalis is helpful. Sage can be found via a smudge stick or essential oil. Find out why sage is only good for a range of energy vibrations here and why other techniques may be needed.
  • Shifting your energy to a higher more positive vibration. Get information from the video here: (
  • Use gemstone protection: Amber:aligns the subtle bodies with the physical body and releases negative energy; Amethyst: heals holes in the aura, cleanses it, draws in divine energy to protect the aura; Apache Tear: protects the aura and prevents it from absorbing negative energies from any source, but especially the negativity of other people; Bloodstone: cleanses the aura; Carnelian: repairs the aura; Citrine: cleanses and aligns the aura; Jet: protects against other’s negative thoughts; Magnetite: strengthens the aura; Quartz: cleanses, protects, and strengthens the aura. Seals auric tears, Smoky Quartz: grounds energy and removes negative energy from the aura; Green Tourmaline: heals auric tears.
  • Make or buy energy sprays. Dewey Meyer sells a version. Find out more here: (
  • Take part in annual rituals like Spring cleaning or cleaning out last year’s energy before New Years. Find out more here ( Also, check out this nice exercise for a Toltec based recapitulation here: (
  • Buy Homeopathics from a natural food store. Dewey explains more about what homeopathics are and how they work here: (

How to clear out energy in public places?

If you are really energetically sensitive, then you may find hotel rooms, bus rides, and public spaces to be challenging, as they are generally a cesspool of various kinds of energies. Often, these spaces are filled with clusters of negative thought patterns, especially old buildings. Dewey Meyer offers two solutions on what to do with hotel rooms or areas where you have the ability to clear out energy that feels icky:

  • Bring your own pillowcase or pillow.
  • Spray a portable spray around the room where stagnant energy collects, especially in higher corners of a room. Spray down covers and pillowcases and anywhere else someone may have been hanging out.
  • Make loud or sharp noises by rattling car keys, clapping or singing in the corners of the room. These sharp sounds are good at breaking up dense energy and allowing it to dissipate.
  • You can use a spray bottle of salt water as an antiseptic for negative energy. For a nice touch, add a gemstone or crystal to the water.

Listen to Dewey Meyer’s ideas here:

What are some other options if homemade sprays are not appropriate for clearing out negative energy? Dewey explains how she was able to shift the energy of a whole plane or bus through sending positive energy that connected people to their Highest Self. Hear how she calmed a crying baby and a whole bus down here.

Dewey Meyer- Energy Therapist

xdewey-meyer-5001-compressedAs a massage therapist I found myself getting physically ill from “energy sickness” after working with certain clients, but it would most often happen when those clients were healers themselves. Having been a scientific researcher I started testing and searching for  answers.   Over the years I have acquired an understanding and the skills needed, not only manage my own energy, but to assist others as well.  I get how it feels to be affected by the energy of others, and it makes me passionate about providing the tools and information people need to create healthy energy boundaries.

Most of my clients are healers and highly sensitive people who get hit hard by the unbalanced energies of others. However, anyone working with the public, or people in physical, mental, or spiritual pain is at a greater risk of being affected. My clients are people who want to take responsibility for their energy and committed to their own health, safety, and sanity. Together we find ways that they can continue being of service and helping others, while preserving their own energetic well-being.  For over a decade, I have been dedicated to empowering people with the information and techniques they need to be healthy and vibrant.

There comes a time when you can no longer hope it goes away.  That’s when you need to take action! Interested in investigating energy techniques for yourself?  Take a look at the services.