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Taking care of yourself- Self Love (Segment 4- Shepherd Hoodwin)

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Show Summary

LovingIn this segment we talk about loving others unconditionally as a means of self-love and how to immerse ourselves in positive activities, whether its rest, play, contemplation time as an act of self-love.

“When you are loving yourself, you are loving others. Love does not differentiate between the love you give yourself and the love you give others. Loving yourself is not self-centered. If you do what you truly love to do, you are in harmony with the whole. Loving yourself has vast ramifications. It is not simply a way to increase your effectiveness and enjoyment; it is your primary means of coming to know the force that activates the universe.” – Shepherd Hoodwin, Loving from Your Soul: Creating Powerful Relationships

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About our Guest

ShepherdShepherd Hoodwin is a channel who specializes in the Michael teachings about how we set up our lifetimes.  He is also an intuitive and workshop leaders who does past-life readings and therapy, mediumship, animal communications, counseling, and channel coaching (teaching others to channel).