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Team Management with Leslie Lewis

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CJ talks to business consultant Leslie Lewis about her work helping managers create high performance cross cultural teams. Leslie shares how different cultures respond to body language, conflict, silence, negotiations, asking questions, and slang. Plus, how can you honor and connect with different cultures in creating a team culture.

Team Management: MP3 Interview with Leslie Lewis

Team Management: YouTube Interview with Leslie Lewis

About Leslie Lewis

Lesley takes a warm, humanistic approach to counselling and has dealt with individuals, couples and families in a wide variety of different settings and circumstances. She works with clients within their specific environments and circumstances creating a warm and positive environment. Lesley strongly believes in guiding and interacting with people to establish effective and impressionable results. It is this approach that has built Lesley’s reputation and formula for success, particularly with expatriates and in cross-cultural environments.

Lesley has been based in Hong Kong for over 31 years and currently works with sojourners around the world.  She has a broad global reach. Prior to her move to Asia, Ms. Lewis resided in Canada and the United States.

Lesley focuses on the individual’s role within the organization.  Understanding goals and expectations, she works to ensure goal alignment through a series of conversations or interviews.  Gaining an understanding of key success factors for the individual provides a starting point for the coaching engagement and aligning the success factors with the organizational goals ensures that the engagement is successful.  Culture3Counsel looks at every engagement as an opportunity to build a success for the individual and the organization.  Coaching engagements build awareness and insights, allowing the individual and the organization opportunities to grow and learn.

Her coaching is humanistic, supportive and customized to the needs of the client, the team and the organization. Ms. Lewis is familiar with the unique challenges and experiences global business people encounter and assists them to reach their highest potential.

Ms. Lewis has worked for many years with Wealth Owners/Private Wealth Families throughout Asia and other continents.  The families consist of several generations – Generation 1, 2, & 3 and now 4.