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Meditation & Mindfulness

The 3 minute short meditations – It still works

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Here are my favorite tips from Lama Surya Das’ book Buddha Standard Time and how I have adopted these in my full and busy life to short meditations:

          • Life is a moving meditation: I’ve started trying to sneak in short 3 minute meditations throughout a given day.  Waiting in the grocery line, getting coffee, brushing my teeth, or sitting idle at a stop light have been transmuted from impatient inconveniences to meditative moments. While my daily meditation may not be  the traditional 20 minutes in a meditation chair, I get seven 3 minute meditations and more presence throughout my day.:)
          • Expand the hours in the day through meditation:  During the times in my life when I feel overwhelmed and stressed out my mind replays a time scarcity message over and over again, “I don’t have enough time in the day to get everything I need to get done. ”  Lama Surya Das suggests that stressed periods in our lives are the perfect time to meditate as it results in expanding time.  While counter intuitive, my higher Self recognized the wisdom in his words.   My personal experience validates that when I am able to wrestle control from my mind and meditate it results in a more resourceful, clear thinking, and calm version of me, and time expands as promised.  As a result, my clear presence allows me to manage my time more effectively.
  • Synchronize your life to the world around you:  I’ve always experienced and believed in change from the inside out.  However, I’ve learned to appreciate and get curious about the unseen impact on environmental changes on  my inner state of being.  Living from the outside in.  This year I have slowed down and become more present to nature and the changes at a micro level (seasonal changes) and a macro changes ( planetary orbits).  Grace, magic, and meaning have been my gift as I have danced with the flow of life versus fighting against it.

After my dad died (see Ted Talk) I became to realize the preciousness of life and my time on earth.  My interview this coming Wed@1Pm PT with Lama Surya Das digs into the chapters in his book “Getting in Sync”.  We’ll contemplate how to make this New Year precious and more effectively manage our time to achieve our personal goals.  Make sure to click on this slink on Wed  CBS Sky Radio this Wed at 1:30-2:00PST.


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