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This weeks show

Why are the 2500 year old teachings of Buddha still relevant for us today? Maybe, you are a Buddhist and are finding it challenging to be a Buddhist while being bombarded by tweets, emails, texts, and the like.  Or maybe you are not a Buddhist and never want to become one, but are curious about what all the hub bub is about.   Join the show by calling in any questions you may have to: 800 930 2819 on Thursday October 28th at 1pmPST and 4pm EST.  We’ll be discussing the what, how, and when of being a Buddhist.

John’s Bio:

No, John is not a monk, nor does he live up in a cloistered monastery.  He’s a regular guy, just like yourself.  He is a family man,  is in a demanding job, and suffers just like the rest of us.  John has  studied and practiced zen and vipassana meditation for 15 years.  His primary teachers have been Gerry Shishin Wick, Roshi, Larry Rosenberg and Douglas Phillips. John’s practice is deeply rooted in the core teachings of the Buddha and the work of J. Krishnamurti, with emphasis on the application of these teachings to everyday living.