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Spirit Guides

The Ultimate Guide to Kundalini (Swami Khecaranatha)

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CJ interviews Swami Khecaranatha on Kundalini.  Make sure to sign up for on Facebook .

Who is Swami Khecaranatha?

“Khecaranatha talks to us directly, sharing his experience from four decades of spiritual practice. He presents a systematic guide to the practice of Kuṇḍalinī Sādhana, including how to develop the flow that awakens the living force of kuṇḍalinī. The direct awakening of kuṇḍalinī by śakti is considered to be the most excellent in the Tantric tradition, and this form of higher initiation is the essence of the practice taught by Swami Khecaranatha. It is marvelous to see how his teachings coincide with the Trika school of Shaivism. Khecaranatha has attained, through the transmission of his teachers and a lifetime of practice and profound personal experience, a deep understanding of Kashmiri Shaivism and Anuttara Trika. Thus, he summates in his realization and teachings what was considered by the Kashmiris to be the most elevated practice of all the Tantric schools.” —MARK DYCZKOWSKI, PH.D., one of the world’s foremost authorities on Tantric studies and the Kashmiri Shaivite tradition

What is Kundalini?


How do we Surrender?

What is the meaning of surrender? How do we know if have let go and surrender? Why should we surrender?

0:09 Why do people come to a spiritual life?
1:11 Why is life hardship (death, loss, etc) really an act of Grace from God?
6:01 What does it mean to surrender to grace?
10:56 How should we use our free will? Why are actions are all about joy?
11:29 How do we know if we are surrendering to life? How do we allow an experience to reveal itself through us?
12:39 When do you know you are not surrendering?
12:54 What is it that we are supposed to surrender?
13:59 How does Swami describe joy?
14:43 How do we learn and grow?

“If you are feeling tense, resistance, at attempt to control, that’s not joy. And it’s not surrender? You surrender your willfulness, thought constructs, and the part of us that does not understand.  How else can the part of us that understands be released? Ask, what is this trying to show me? What is it trying to reveal in me that I don’t understand? “- Swami Khecaranatha

“There is a difference between getting an experience of “selfless service” that you think you need versus allowing experiences to reveal itself through you through the surrendering of yourself” – Swami Khecaranatha


How do we serve God?

Articles on Seva: What is Selfless Service?

Seva: What is Selfless Service?

How do we know if we are doing God’s work? How can we know God through our actions? An interview with Swami Khecaranatha , author of “Wearing God’s Mala: The Seva Sutra”, on the Tantric tradition of being of service.

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What is Seva?

0:33 What does it mean to be of self less service?

3:13 What does it mean to be non dual?

4:44 How do Shakti and Shiva work together to manifest?

6:22 What are the three Seva mantras?

7:38 How can all your actions be in service of God? How can we know God through our actions?

8:53 What is the purpose of all our actions? How do our actions reveal a higher understanding/knowledge?

9:50 Why do our actions help us understand God as ourselves?

10:45 What are the three illusions we carry?(mantras)

12:13 Who is “doing” our lives?

12:30 What happens when we act from a place of ego?

13:02 How do we create karma?

18:25 How do the mantras help?

34:53 Why do we do seva?

Ego: How do we surrender and serve?

21:26 How do our sense of “needs” and ego get in the way of us truly feeling complete?

24:11 What is the definition of ego?

26:11 How do we free ourselves from dualistic consciousness?

29:46 How can you serve God without being judgmental or being willful?

30:45 How surrender is key in a spiritual practice?

32:01 How can we truly experience freedom?