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Compassion and Confidence

What are Indigo Children?

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Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D shares her groundbreaking work on the new generation of children bearing inherent gifts –telepathy, healing using subtle energies, and/or have amazing psychic abilities. Learn how many doctors mislabel them as autistic, ADD, ADHD, or suggest other behavioral difficulties.  Over time as Meg has met more children with these gifts, she has broken Children of the Now into more categories that include: Indigo children, Crystalline Children, Rainbow Children, Dolphin Children, Children of the Sun, and he Star kids

Indigo Children and More: Who are Children of the Now?

The Children of the Now is a term that Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey uses in her book “The Children of Now.. Evolution: How we can support and Fast-Forward Evolution of our Children and All of Humanity”. She uses this term to describe a whole new generation of children who have different ability and traits that are intended to help us evolve as a specie and to return to our divine nature.  These children are empathetic, intuitive, and are adept at healing, love, compassion, and sensitivity beyond what most of us can experience and are here to help us.  Children of the Now include Indigo Children, Crystalline

Indgo Children and Children of Now Characteristics

Meg Blackburn explains in her book “The Children of Now” how the Children of the Now are different.  Every person has a complex field of energy, which she calls the external field.  This field is like a huge bubble surrounding us.  The job of the external field is to hold us together and defend us against alternate or non-ordinary realities.  Meg shares how the Children of the Now have different external fields:

“The external fields of the Children of the Now are different.  Because they have evolved very quickly, the way they look and the way they act and react are unusual, more accurate and faster.  They have a harmonic sensitivity to everything in and around them.  It is as if the external fields of our new children have billions of feelers.  The children sense everything.  They can’t help it.  The difficulty comes when they experience the feelings of others and don’t understand that those feelings aren’t theirs and that they are not responsibility for how another person feels.” pg. 5

In addition to the external field, each of us is made up of a set of harmonics which affect our sensitivity.  The higher our frequency of vibration, the more sensitive we are to tapping into our seventh sense and our consciousness which is not limited to time and space.  Meg Blackburn observes that Children of the Now intermingle everyday reality with these other realities beyond our seeing eyes. These children can see beyond our local world into other dimensions.

“The Children of the Now have the natural ability to access knowledge, intelligence, and even wisdom. They can also see and experience living energy so that they may interact with spirits, people who have died but remain close to us.  They can go to places and levels of reality that are outside of time and space.  That means that they can reach into the past or the future and bring information back to now.  Because of this, the Children of the Now seem to know a lot more than we think a little kid ought to.  Some of these kids seem to carry and expound the wisdom of the ages.  This is because their consciousness readily travels and brings home information of all kinds.” p11

Indigo Children: Characteristics

Here are the Indigo children characteristics described in Meg’s book.  Indigos are:

  • Paradigm busters
  • Not tolerant to untruth
  • Able to see when others are not authentic
  • Don’t like authority and buck the system or do not care
  • Laid back, but not motivated for hustle and bustle of structured life
  • Very artful (music, dance, etc.)
  • Not interested in frivolous relationships, but want depth

Adults (Indigo, etc): Characteristics

Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey describes adults who have these abilities as The Bridge Generation. She describes these adults as having the following characteristics:

  • Have remembrance of home aside from earth (Orion, Pleiades, etc.)
  • Know they are different and a felt sense of now fitting in.
  • Sense that there is a deep sense of the sacred
  • Innate knowing of technologies before their time
  • Intuitive, sensitive and empathetic.
  • Lower temperature 96.8
  • Unexplained illnesses (fevers, fatigue, paralysis, depression)
  • Chose alternative ways of living, diets, living arrangements

Crystalline Children, Star kids, silent kids, angels on earth: Characteristics

While most people have heard the term Indigo, Meg’s experience with these Children of Now are that there are finer gradations.  In her book, she has created terms and descriptions that are found below:

Crystalline Children, Rainbow Children, Dolphin Children, Children of the Sun

These children began to show up around 1998 and Meg estimated that 25% of the children born after 1998 carry these traits. These children have the following characteristics:

  • Are noticed when they walk into room for their charisma
  • Get overloaded because they latch on to feelings, motivations, and intentions of others, everything in the visual field, all auditory input and everything in their tactical range.
  • Have a hard time discerning what is theirs and what others are feeling.
  • Possess great managing skills
  • Remember that they came from God and remember conversations they have had with God.
  • Talk to their parents telepathically.
  • Are love-oriented, heartfelt, and compassionate. They are peacemakers.
  • Know truth and are good lie detectors.
  • Have wisdom beyond their ages.
  • Night terrors based on astral travels
  • Talk to spirits and may have “invisible friends”

Star Kids: Characteristics

These children have many of the same healing capabilities as Crystalline, but have a few distinct characteristic:

  • Physically slim, larger heads, smaller bodies, and eyes rounder than most.
  • Highly intelligent, introspective, and oriented towards science and tech.
  • Love to invent things
  • Concerned for the planet and state of earth.
  • In tune with earth activities (earthquakes, large storms, etc.)
  • Dream of flying or falling.
  • Very high frequency energy field.
  • Adept at telepathic communication and telekinesis
  • Receive downloads from spirit
  • Walk outside of rime, and accomplish things without the clock moving.

Children of the light, Transitional children, Beautiful Silent ones

These are newer children that have been appearing in the last 10 years or so.  Children of Light have completely white energy fields.  Transitional children were first seen in 2006 and have some of the same traits listed above, but have a harder time processing them and turn inward and have low self-esteem.

Meg describes children who only communicate telepathically as “Beautiful Silent ones”.   Another group are Angels on Earth, who she describes as very fragile.  They feel the weight of the world always.  They may feel angel wings and are frustrated when others cannot see them.

Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D – Best Selling Author, Artist, and Celebrity

Dr. Meg Blackburn LoseyMeg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D is more than a bestselling author, artist and celebrity. She is known for her well-grounded, very real no- holds-barred approach to everything she does. She is an in-your-face teacher and does it with a heart of gold. She is extremely well traveled in constant pursuit of ancient evidence that leads to who we are today and what the ancients were really trying to tell us about our origins and capabilities.

Referred to by her readers as Dr. Meg, she is passionate about consciousness, healing and the overall construct of creation–including and beyond the measurable physical world. She has spent nearly 20 years researching the possibilities of consciousness and awareness and has vast personal experiences from which to draw.

She has been an advocate for the Children of Now since her bestselling book, The Children of Now was released in the early 2000’s. It quickly became an international bestseller and is currently available in more than 30 languages. The Children of Now is also designated as a seminal work.

Her work has literally changed social paradigms, challenged the school system, and the medical profession, as well as others who are responsible for our children. Dr., Meg maintains that we are dealing with a fast-forward evolution of human consciousness never before seen. She is greatly aware of the challenges parents and caregivers are faced with, and doesn’t just ask questions. She gets the answers, too!

Dr. Meg teaches a year-long certification course called “Touching the Light”, during which she teaches not only great life skills, but also the etheric anatomy and how to access, recognize and make changes that can bring forward healing from a holistic manner in every direction.

She is also a dedicated amateur archeologist and anthropologist who travels the world learning about places that offer strange, mysterious and different perspectives on the history of mankind and our world. She is well known and respected by indigenous peoples world wide. Dr. Meg takes groups to sacred places, immersing them in local traditions, ceremonies and teachings. She does this with unparalleled enthusiasm and deep, well-steeped knowledge of each location.

Dr. Meg is a Master Healer and Medical Intuitive. She is a seer and a visionary. Always open to the unknown and new possibilities, she loves to learn by experience , and then factor those experiences into her teachings. She has worked with a great number of families and children, as well as lectured and presented as a keynote speaker both nationally and internationally. She teaches workshops and teleconferences as well.

Dr. Meg is considered an expert regarding the new generation and the challenges they face, and also nearly all things metaphysical. And she backs up her findings with science every way possible. She is dedicated to the truth behind the stories, and researches extensively to maintain a level of expertise and knowledge that she loves to share.

A seasoned professional with almost 20 years of experience as an author and teacher, Dr. Meg has published nine books, seven CDs, the best selling Language of Light Cards, and been published in a large number of print and internet publications including magazines, newspapers, and others. She is a seasoned guest for interviews on radio and TV, and has appeared in several documentaries and other film works. She has six years of experience as an internet live radio show host, and has consulted for producers of shows including 20/20and Good Morning America and is current consulting for several TV and film projects.

Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D., is the author of soon to be released The Children of Now Evolution, Touching the Light, The Secret History of Consciousness, Parenting the Children of Now, the international Best Seller, “The Children of Now”, “Conversations with the Children of Now”, “Pyramids of Light, Awakening to Multi-Dimensional Realities” and the Online Messages which are distributed globally. She is also a contributing author to “The Mysteries of 2012” and “What Wags the World”.

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