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Time Management

Time Management Tips (video)

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How to get more done each day? Get time management tips from Helene Segura, author of “The Inefficiency Assassin“.

Time Management Tips

What are skills needed for good time management? How a professional time management coach plans out her day? How to make sure you have work life balance if you are a consultant? Why you need to put stops via a timer on your work? What are some time management strategies? What happens when we fall of the wagon and fall out of our habits?

  • Pause before you say “Yes” to another project.  Take a look at your calendar before just adding a new meeting or project onto your list.
  • Always be working a list of your top 3 priorities that must get done in a day, followed by the next 3.  This is a process that Helene refers to as 3+3
  • At the end of each day determine your priorities for the next day.
  • Set work hours for your day and stick to them. Work only 9-5.
  • Train your clients and employees to respect your time boundaries.

Procrastination Help

What are the causes of procrastination (perfectionism, know how to do something, motivation)? How do you know if you are procrastinating or really need a break? Why taking a break every hour is good for productivity? Tips for reigning in all the distractions.

  • Set time limits for doing work.  Planning can take 1 hour or 6. Put a limit on your perfectionist tendencies.

Taking Control of Electronic Distractions

How to reign in the distractions caused by electronics? How do you make sure email doesn’t run your day? How can you flow with structure?

  • Look at your 3+3 for the day. Read emails related to those tasks and situations.
  • Place a timer on how long you read your email.
  • Set a few times during the day when you check your email and only read them then (e.g.- check email first thing in morning, lunch, evening)
  • Turn all notifications off to minimize noises that can be distracting.
  • Get your most important things done first thing in the morning. Start off with 2 hours of work time and work up from there.